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Getty Images

Getty Images is among the world’s leading creators and distributors of award‐winning still imagery, video, music and multimedia products, as well as other forms of premium digital content. 

Every year, Getty’s global team of ‘visual anthropologists’ analyse significant events in media, popular culture, advertising and art, as well as millions of downloads and search data from to forecast the trends that will drive visual communication as the year unfolds.  This year, the annual 'Creative in Focus' exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery, mapped the  evolution of our relationship with contemporary imagery at a time of significant global  developments in politics, society and technology.


The Challenge

Getty Images wanted to use us after we had successfully produced their Royalty Free Brochure.  The trend report was to have a more of a magazine feel, and was created to support the  exhibition.  The report had to be edgy, reflecting the trends and presenting a visual record of the  exhibition.  We were to print the report to our usual high standards while printing on a textured  stock not previously used.

Our Solution

To increase visual impact inside the report, we used a mixture of coated and uncoated material, and shortened pages.  For a more tactile cover, the chosen stock was the textured Brossulin White XT.  This stock was designed specifically for brochures, ensuring amazingly bright printing, soft, almost rubbery to the touch texture with great visual impact.  We had not printed on Brossulin White XT previously and the paper is incredibly expensive, so we conducted a print test using three different front cover designs.  We also tested for possible chipping and creasing on the cover.

We proposed to Getty that they consider using materials all sourced from Fedrigoni.  In return Fedrigoni helped market the book to their contacts, providing more PR in the process.  A 200# screen and profiles specially developed for each of the coated and uncoated materials, were used to achieve the very best production.  Proofs were supplied as hi‐res Epson proofs on uncoated paper for the cover and uncoated sections, and coated paper for the coated sections.  An Indigo book proof and book block prior to binding were also provided.

Adhering to ISO 12647‐2 (2013) colour standard, we accurately matched the signed‐off proofs while the designer and customer passed on press.  The gloss section was gloss coated, while a neutral coat was used on the uncoated stock.  On the  cover, we increased the pressure on press and used hard drying inks to make the image on the heavily textured stock, really strong and vivid.  Print production, folding and binding were completed in‐house.

The Results

*Park's high quality production enabled the customer to achieve a creative, captivating magazine

*Consistent strong and vivid colour

*Photography powerfully and accurately conveyed

*Interesting tactile and eye‐catching cover

*Excellent lift and detail achieved on both the uncoated and coated text sections

*Smooth and consistent areas of solid colour

*Dense black and very good contrast on imagery

*Accurate folding and PUR binding


This publication has been shortlisted in the PrintWeek Awards 2017

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L’Artisan Parfumeur

L’Artisan Parfumeur is an artisanal brand working with its own craftsmen to create authentic and innovative perfumes.  L’Artisan Parfumeur operates retail boutiques in  France and has a global presence.

Launched in March 2017, L'Artisan Parfumeur introduced a set of two new eaux de cologne  called ‘Au Bord de l'Eau’ and ‘Sur L'Herbe’, named after two paintings by Impressionist painters Claude Monet and Edouard Manet, respectively.

The Challenge

L'Artisan Parfumeur required a ‘look book’ style booklet for their pre‐launch event in December  2016.  200 copies of the English version and 100 copies of the French version were required  within a very tight 24hour turnaround.  The style/design of the look book was predetermined,  but Wallpaper (the designer) required us to consult on paper stocks and binding techniques.

Our Solution

Park advised on the paper stocks to be used and suggested alternative binding techniques.  We provided PDF proofs and after consulting with L’Artisan Parfumeur, we settled on the mix of  coated and uncoated stock to enhance the already tactile reading experience.   The papers were especially chosen to ensure they were HP Indigo compatible and the artwork  was processed using an HDI – 175 screening combined with customised LUT settings and proofs were supplied as HP Indigo book proofs.  In order to enhance the throw‐out page, we suggested using a lighter paper stock (115gsm) which would avoid cracking and keep the integrity of the image.  Print production, folding and PUR binding were all completed in‐house, while a representative of  Park supervised the outworkers for the side sewing, trimming and foiling.  It took 24 hours for the whole process from start to finish.

The Results

* Enabled the customer to achieve a more creative, tactile, captivating  product within an extremely tight timeline

*Excellent lift and detail achieved

*Very good contrast on imagery

*Fine detail foiling on the cover

*Accurate folding, PUR binding and side sewing

*All the above achieved in a very fast 24 hour production schedule


To discuss your publication with Park please contact Alison Branch on:

@ParkCommLondon #PrintedByPark


This publication has been shortlisted in the PrintWeek Awards 2017, and also in the 'Marketing collateral' category for the Digital Printer Awards.


Askew fashion boards same day

Askew is a creative consultancy and design studio based in New York City.  They build and elevate brands by identifying strategic and conceptual drivers, and creating work that seeks innovation, cultural resonance and thoughtful creativity.

Askew has over 20 years of experience working alongside Fortune 500 and emerging brands across fashion, luxury, music, technology, sports, and culture/lifestyle sectors.  


The challenge

Askew– NYC, a brand new customer, contacted us, at 22.30hrs on the Tuesday, asking if we could produce 3 high quality fashion posters mounted on 1/4" white foamcore (24x36in) to be delivered to Four Marketing in London the following day.

Four Marketing is a fashion agency working with brands across all platforms, from wholesale, distribution, public relations, through to full digital and retail experience.

The images had to be of high quality as they would be used for promotional material the very next day.

Our solution

We confirmed that we could meet the deadline, but that we recommended printing straight onto foam board.  Printing directly onto the substrate achieves a better finished result, eliminating any potential ripples or bubbles, as well as being cheaper for the customer.

The final artwork file was transmitted to us from New York at midnight and we supplied a quote in the early hours on the Wednesday morning.  Once the quote had been confirmed, the board was ordered at 08.30hrs on the Wednesday morning, arriving via dedicated courier before noon.

The boards were printed to the highest photographic quality.  With no time for proofs we took photos during production and sent them to Askew via email.

The boards were all delivered to Four Marketing in London EC1 before 16.00hrs the same day.


The results

*   Quick turnaround high quality fashion posters for a brand new customer

*   Directly printed onto the substrate avoiding ripples or bubbles

*   High quality service and production


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