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Beber Mi Sudor “drink my sweat”

Nordic Approach is a sourcing company focusing solely on high quality green coffees.  They do the groundwork to identify, improve, select, and import the best coffees from the most interesting origins.  Every coffee they buy or forward to a client, is selected based on the cup profile.  They believe in transparency through the chain, and premiums going back to the producers, is the only way to achieve a sustainable quality coffee production.

Beber Mi Sudor translates literally as ‘drink my sweat’ – an expression used by Colombian coffee workers to reflect the incredible effort and energy that goes in to producing their crops.  It’s a fitting title for the first in a new series of books Nordic Approach are producing in collaboration with photographer Jake Green, that offer depth and detail to the story of our origin projects around the world.

The book features interviews with farmers, roasters, as well as essays on Colombia’s unique environmental conditions, the intricacy of cupping, and Nordic Approach’s philosophy and experience as a green coffee sourcing company.

The Challenge

Jake joined Nordic Approach on a two-week trip to Huila and Tolima in Colombia.  Beber Mi Sudor is the result of that trip, an exploration of the sheer scale of endeavour that goes into producing Colombia’s most important cash crop.

The resulting images have been crafted into a beautiful book by celebrated art director Melanie Mues, who has responded to the vibrancy and movement in Jake’s images with a volume that feels transient and changeable.

Jake and Melanie wanted the print production to encapsulate the colour, vibrancy, movement and emotions that jump out of the photographs.  He wanted to make the book itself feel transient and changeable.

Park’s strategy was to work in collaboration with Jake Green and Melanie Mues from an early stage in the design of the book to add differentiation to the finished result.  We made suggestions for materials, printing process and binding.

Our Solution

Jake and Melanie wanted the tactility of an uncoated stock.  Park selected a number of papers and supplied white paper dummies, enabling Jake and Melanie to choose the materials that they felt best fitted their design.

Jake wanted to use a premium coloured uncoated stock for the cover and insert, to add novelty, tactility a changeability during the read, but he also wanted to retain vibrancy in the reproduction.  Park therefore proposed that the cover and divider be printed on our HP Indigo press, where the ink would remain on the surface and retain more vibrancy, rather than be part absorbed and softer, as is the case in litho printing.

To further maximise lift by adding a smoothness to the uncoated paper, we sapphire coated the Popset.

To maximise the lift and vibrancy of the images, while at the same time retaining the tactility of read, Park suggested that the images be reproduced on Artic Volume, a coated paper which has an interesting matt feel.

Melanie and Jake wanted a binding that could be easily pulled apart into its component images and reordered according to the readers’ tastes.  A red elastic loop band was sourced and specially manufactured to size.

To ensure the book was a truly a ‘stand out’ coffee table book, the book was designed so that the fore-edge was not trimmed flush.  To deliver this binding to a high standard, the book had to be accurately pre-trimmed and then gathered by hand.

A 200# screen and plate profile specially developed for the uncoated material was used for the litho production.

Proofs were supplied as hi-res Epson proofs for the CMYK sections and Indigo book proofs.

Adhering to ISO12647 colour management targets, we accurately matched the signed-off proofs while the customer passed on press.

Repro, print production, trimming, folding, binding (hand collation) were all completed in-house.

As a final innovative touch, the flat sheet printed overs were collected and sent to Jake, to wrap the 100 books to be used for the launch, adding intrigue and a protective cover.

The Results
  • Collaborative working with Jake Green and Melanie Mues enabled them to achieve a captivating, tactile, innovative, stand out coffee table book
  • Excellent reproduction of the colour, vibrancy and emotions of Jakes’ photography
  • Smooth and consistent areas of solid colour
  • Dense black and very good contrast on imagery
  • Accurate folding and hand collated binding enabling the transient and changeable format
  • Innovative wrapping adding intrigue and protection


This book has been shortlisted in the Print, Design and Marketing Awards 2018.


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London College of Communications

Part of University of the Arts London (UAL), London College of Communications (LCC) provides a Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS) – the only year-long ‘experiential’ learning opportunities of its kind in the UK, allowing students to undertake a variety of internships and collaborations for a whole academic year as part of a four year degree.

The Challenge

The course communication, known as the ‘New Blood’ publication aims to show the diverse range of graduate destinations, and features a sample of London College of Communications Design course graduates.

Alex Hunting an independent Art Director and Designer based (an alumnus himself) was selected by the college to design this publication.  Previously he has been awarded by D&AD, The Art Directors Club of New York, Creative Review and the Society of Publication Designers.

The design stands up to any scrutiny, but the publication also had to live up to UAL’s environmental policies, as sustainability has become a key part of learning and operations, with many courses dedicating time and resources to the teaching of sustainable practices and ideas.

Having worked with several of the alumni interviewed, and being know in the industry for sponsoring events such as ‘Nicer Tuesdays’ curated by It’s Nice That, Park were chosen as a ‘safe pair of hands’ for our environmental credentials combined with our commitment to high quality standards.

Our Solution

Park advised on recycled materials, we proposed 3 stocks of varying recycled content and LCC chose Cyclus Offset, 100% recycled content.

A 200# screen and profiles specially developed for coated and uncoated materials, were used to achieve the very best production.

Proofs were supplied as hi-res Epson proofs, on coated paper for the dust jacket and uncoated paper for cover and text.

Adhering to ISO 12647-2 (2013) colour standard, Park accurately matched the signed-off proofs.

Print production, folding and binding were all completed in-house to avoid the carbon generated through transport to outworkers.


The Results
  • Park’s high quality production enabled the London College of Communications to achieve a creative, captivating booklet while minimising any environmental impacts
  • A visually stunning result achieved despite the use of an off-white 100% recycled uncoated material
  • Excellent lift and detail achieved on the uncoated material
  • Smooth and consistent areas of solid colour
  • Colour images very sharp with good contrast
  • Accurate folding and PUR binding
  • Produced to a high environmental standard across its lifecycle


Alison Branch on:

@ParkCommLondon #PrintedByPark

Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club

Established in 1951, the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club (RROC) is celebrating its 65th Anniversary.  The Club was started at a time when Rolls-Royce and Bentley were part of one company, so the Club welcomes owners and enthusiasts of both of these most respected of British Marques.

Based in Mechanicsburg, PA, the RROC is an international organization with over 6000 members living in more than 50 countries.  The Club is dedicated to serving the needs and interests of their members.  While their members are diverse geographically and in many other ways, they are united by their passion for, or ownership of, Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars of all vintages.

The Challenge

The RROC aims to make the experience of owning a Bentley or Rolls-Royce motorcar (or even just admiring the marques) much more enjoyable.  They wanted to create a publication that reflected what the RROC is about – a rich mix of the passionate, the extraordinary, and the inspired; past and present.  In addition to beautifully illustrated tales of early days of road testing or the very final Phantom VII, it includes first-hand accounts of adventure and friendship from club members the world over.  Called the ‘Strive for perfection’ the book had to be printed to the upmost quality standards, emanating design, luxury and quality.

Our Solution

With a proven history in printing for the luxury market, we were asked by St James's House Media to print the RROC year book.  The publication consisted of a case bound book, a special carry case and an invitation to a special ‘Conversation and cocktails’ event at Hudson Yards in New York City.

RROC wanted a stock to show off their photographs to the absolute maximum and have a universally smooth feel.  We suggested Galerie stain, to give the images lift and impact, while providing a smooth feel.

The cover was gloss laminated, and to eliminate the purple/red bias that can happen to images when laminated, we suggested that we retouch the cover.  Cyan, magenta and yellow were taken out of the white background of the image and replaced with a tint of black.  This kept the highlights and catch lights, and softened the shadows.  The result was a cover with more contrast and a more neutral background, so when laminated the image kept its integrity.

A 200# conventional screen, specially developed for coated materials, together with our coated stock plate profiles and hard drying inks were chosen to achieve the best results.

All four colour black and whites images were neutralised to minimise any tonal change likely to be incurred through the printing process.

Final proofs were supplied as hi-res Epson proofs on coated paper.

Adhering to ISO 12647-2 (2013) colour standard, we accurately matched the signed-off proofs while the customer passed on press.

Print production and folding were completed in-house, while a representative of our production department supervised the outworker for the case binding and foiling on the cover.

The Results
  • Our creative advice and high production values have helped the customer to achieve a highly captivating product within a tight timeline
  • Accurate reproduction of the imagery with excellent lift and retention of detail
  • Dense blacks and very good colour consistency on the older monochrome imagery
  • Accurate folding, foiling and case binding in very tight deadlines for 10,000 copiess


Alison Branch on:

@ParkCommLondon #PrintedByPark