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Proactive project management, multi-language typesetting and production


Our customer is a large global investment manager working who has a requirement for a production partner able to create artwork in multiple languages and, where appropriate, source production close to market.

The suite of documents includes the Prospectus with 4pp cover and 120pptext, 8pp Annex, Fund Selector Sheet, 6 page 4 part NCR Application Forms, Subscription Form, and 4page, 4 part NCR crash numbered Conversion Forms and Redemptions Forms.

Typesetting is required in 7 Roman European languages, Norwegian, Greek, Arabic and Hong Kong Chinese. Our expert team work directly with the bank’s advisors, taking comments in blacklined pdf’s, annotated pdfs, Excel and hard copy. Corrections are made overnight or on a same day basis and proofs returned in a clean and blacklined format.

Accuracy is of a paramount importance so the Park team use their many years’ of experience of working with this customer to highlight potential customer errors and oversights that the team spot in the copy.

On final artwork approval, the forms are converted to an electronic format that can be used on line.

Print production is carried out to a high standard, often under exactingly fast timescales. As Italy is the largest market for this fund, production for the Italian market is undertaken in Italy in order to reduce cost and time to market.

For the Italian Application Form, Park developed a unique reverse carbon block which allowed a check on the final page to be carried forward to the reverse of earlier pages.



Fund annual reports

All round quality printing
The right product, on time and at best value.  Project managers who take the administrative load away.   Our customer needed a printing partner with skills to match their own standards.


The challenge
Park has been the print production partner of this fund manager for more than a decade.  In 2013, they decided to include the design of the reports within the annual tender for print production, looking to find one organisation to provide the full package for the annual reports and marketing literature from design and typesetting, through to the printing and mailing.  Cost savings were also an objective.  Park’s thorough understanding of the investment trust market, and a longstanding exposure to the requirements of our customer’s stakeholders, put us in contention for the appointment.


Our solution
The designs submitted were of course geared to reduce the printing costs where possible, reducing the Notes section to two colour for example, while hitting the brand personality and style ‘on the head’.   They also went further than others by including interactive aspects of the report when posted on-line.

Working from complex hard copy, Park typeset and made corrections on an overnight basis, experienced typesetters and dedicated readers ensuring accurate proofs.  Once approved, printing was carried out in accordance with ISO 12647 to ensure corporate colours were accurately reproduced.  Another part of our service was taking responsibility for liaising with the registrars, and advising on the complex mailings which involved many categories with more than five enclosures.

The Trusts also appointed us to produce all their marketing brochures.  These brochures were redesigned by Park to reduce from six to four the number of colours printed, so saving the Trusts substantial production costs.

Park’s strong environmental credentials enabled the Trusts to publicise to stakeholders that, by choosing Park, they have considered environment issues.

As a result of these latest productions, our customer have retained their confidence that Park will achieve the product they want, on time and at good value.

Fund interim reports

Best value production and distribution solutions for global projects
Our customer is one of the largest fund management and financial services providers in the world.  For them, we deal with sensitive data securely, respond to changes quickly, handle multi-language translations, carry out typesetting and provide reliable and cost-effective production and mailing solutions both in the UK and globally.
The challenge
To print a 720-page ‘long-form’ report covering 104 funds and a ‘short-form’ report, and also other specific reports for funds registered in Switzerland.  All had to be translated into nine languages and the collective project ran to 13 publications comprising 5,500 pages in total.  Deliveries to various locations in Europe and Asia were required within a challenging timeframe.
Our solution
Due to these time constraints and the location of the delivery sites, and also to accommodate any sudden changes in our customer’s schedule, we decided to print in three places – China, Singapore and the UK.  As quantities ranged from seven to 20,000 copies, dependent on the country, we selected the most cost-effective production method for each set of reports, using sheet-fed litho in China, web offset in Singapore, and web offset, sheet-fed litho and digital printing in the UK.  We also sourced lightweight material (45gsm) to reduce postage and other associated costs.

Strict process control was key to avoid any issues associated with multi-language versions, different production sites, time zones and a complex mailing matrix.

By working closely with our customer and our international partners, and by providing a complete solution from typesetting through to final distribution, we streamlined the entire project to deliver a publication exceptionally quickly, accurately and economically.