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Twelfth Night Mark Rylance by Mary McCartney

Park were privileged to have been chosen by Mary McCartney to print her new book 'Twelfth Night'.  Twelfth night follows Oscar winning actor Mark Rylance and cast backstage preparing for his ground-breaking run as Olivia in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night at the Belasco Theatre on Broadway, New York.

When it was agreed that Mary was to shoot Mark and the cast, the understanding was that she would leave as soon as he was made-up.  Rylance had never before allowed anyone to photograph him after that moment.

Mary duly began to pack up her equipment, but to her surprise Rylance leaned over and asked whether she would like to continue to photograph him and the rest of the cast (including Stephen Fry in the role of Malvolio) backstage.

The Challenge

Twelfth Night documents this intimate and privileged experience, capturing the entire performance preparation undertaken by each of the actors and musicians; from both the intense psychological preparation to the candid moments of relaxation that help balance the intensity of the performance.  Mary's work creates a fascinating juxtaposition of these intricately costumed figures in various stages of period dress, set against the backstage spaces of the theatre.

The book had to be of a very high standard.  Thomas Persson, the designer, and Mary McCartney asked Park to take a proactive role, making recommendations to deliver a captivating product that accurately conveyed the photography within a modest budget of £11,000.

The book was also required in a very tight timeframe to be ready for the launch and book signing in Oxford Street.

Our Solution

We suggested Keaykolour for the cover, an attractive, tactile, off-white, uncoated stock available at a much more cost-effective price than Colorplan.

Rather than print the front cover image directly on to the Keaykolour, we proposed the image printed onto a 200gsm board, be anti-scuff matt laminated to protect from damage in binding and subsequent handling, affixed with glue to the reverse, before being trimmed and accurately placed by hand within a debossed panel on the front cover.

Guidance was provided to the customer on how to create the cover artwork, to allow for casing and the debossed panel.

Mary and Thomas wanted a matt, tactile feel for the text. Park proposed Magno High Volume, an unusual paper only available in mainland Europe, which is both matt and high bulking.  The high bulk allowed the customer to reduce grammage, saving on paper and distribution costs, enabling the saving to be spent on adding creativity, whilst keeping within the total budget.

In order to assess which screen would give the best reproduction on the chosen paper, Park proposed a machine scatterproof for the images to be reproduced at 200# and 240# screens.

A fine 240# Sublima screen, specially developed for coated materials, together with our coated stock plate profiles and hard drying inks were chosen.

All four colour black and whites images were neutralised to minimise any tonal change likely to be incurred through the printing process (four colour black and whites are very colour sensitive to slight movements of paper during printing).

Final proofs were supplied as hi-res Epson proofs on coated paper.

Adhering to ISO 12647-2 (2013) colour standard, Park accurately matched the signed-off proofs while the customer passed on press.

Print production, folding and affixing the front cover printed panel were completed in-house, while a representative of Park supervised the outworker for the case binding.

As a special thank you we were invited to the prestigious book signing party and were presented with two copies, personally signed by Mary and Mark Rylance.

The Results
  • Park’s contribution in enabling the customer to achieve a more creative, tactile, captivating product within a tight timeline and a modest budget
  • Accurate reproduction of the imagery with excellent lift and retention of detail
  • Dense black and very good colour consistency on the monochrome imagery
  • Interesting tactility to the cover and text pages
  • Accurate folding and case binding
  • Image on the front cover accurately placed within debossed panel


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Halcyon Gallery Stardust

Founded in 1982, Halcyon Gallery specialises in modern and contemporary art working closely with emerging and established international artists.  From its inception, Halcyon Gallery has championed painters and sculptors who display exceptional talent, technical skill and intrinsic creativity and with whom they have worked to produce world-class art exhibitions that translate to a global audience.

Fascinated by the power of light, Italian artist Stefano Curto uses thousands of hand-crafted crystal gems to produce a unique and mesmerising body of work, his first major solo exhibition in the UK is entitled ‘Stardust’.

The Challenge

Stardust is a clear depiction of Curto’s meticulous attention to detail.  His works contain an average of 60,000 individually placed bespoke crystals, which capture and reflect light, instantly captivating the viewer and drawing them in to his magical world.

We were asked to work with the Halcyon gallery alongside Stefano, to ‘raise the bar’ from his previous exhibition catalogues, he wanted to create a book as a true sales piece.

Our Solution

We suggested 3 different sets of paper stocks and provided 3 white paper dummies.  The CEO of the Halcyon Gallery signed off on the suggested paper stock and we then machine scatterproofed the images, in order to assess which screen would give the best reproduction on the chosen paper.
A conventional 200# screen was used on the uncoated sections and a Stochastic screen, specially developed for coated materials, together with our coated stock plate profiles and hard drying inks were chosen.

We increased the density of the inks on press to amplify the contrast, so blacks are black and colours are as bright as possible.  The gallery and Stephano reviewed the scatterproof and wanted to add silver to the pics to increase luminosity.  We suggested that adding silver would darken and possibly dull the pictures, and suggested to improve the luminosity, our Senior Retoucher from our PrePress department met with the gallery to discuss options.

Images were retouched and it was agreed that varnishes would be used to create maximum impact.

Images on the gloss stock had a spot gloss varnish applied and the white pages on gloss stock were treated with a male/female fitted background seal, so that the gloss white appears silk and gloss images stand out.

Adhering to ISO 12647-2 (2013) colour standard, we accurately matched the signed-off proofs while the customer passed the first section on press.  Ink density was turned up to the max on press to produce the densest blacks and ensure very good colour consistency.  However lots of ink equals lots of spray powder, so the entire job was put back through press to de-dust to remove excess spray powder.

Print production and folding were completed in-house, while a representative of our production department supervised the outworker for the case.

The Results
  • Our creative advice and high production values have helped the Halcyon Gallery and Stephano to achieve a truly vibrant sales tool
  • Enhanced retouching to improve luminosity
  • Accurate reproduction of the original artworks with excellent lift and retention of detail
  • Excellent use of additional varnishes so images really jump out from the page
  • Maximum ink capacity on press to produce the densest blacks and very good colour consistency
  • Accurate folding and case binding


This catalogue has been shortlisted as a finalist in the PrintWeek Awards

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Made In Spode

Katya de Grunwald, photographer and artist, collaborates to make sophisticated, simple and elegant work for a variety of publications and clients.  She used Kickstarter to raise funds to produce her own photography project ‘Made in Spode’.  The project is inspired by a significant collection of abandoned moulds from a once thriving ceramic factory in Stoke-on-Trent, at the heart of the British Ceramics industry.


The challenge

Katya wanted something that captured, and preserved in print, the striking and beautiful history she had observed.  She wanted to create a book to be shared by those who worked in the potteries, collectors, people who appreciate a beautiful object or anyone interested in photography.

Funded via Kickstarter, she had a limited budget, but required a high quality production.  The limited edition book (500 copies) was published to coincide with an exhibition of the photographs during the British Ceramics Biennial in 2015 held on the original Spode factory site, in Stoke-on-Trent.

An original poem by Daniel Cockrill sits alongside the 52 photographic illustrations in the publication which was designed by Dominic Brookman of Kenosha Design.  Katya and Dominic approached Park and asked us to come up with ideas on how to enhance the design.


Our solution

Park proposed a rough, rugged feel with a “used” look for the cover and a coated stock for the text, so her images would show a good lift.  We chose a 2mm Nomad Board and recommended debossing the front cover.

We recommended a scatter digital proof, so that Katya could decide whether any retouching was necessary,  then followed up with a full set of hi-resolution Epson proofs on coated paper.

To enhance the rough and rugged feel, we suggested thread sewn binding with an exposed spine (naked binding).  Park produced a white paper dummy ahead of the final production to make sure Katya was happy with the suggested look.

To acheive the best colour reproduction and detail, we used our dedicated plate profile and hard drying inks adapted for coated materials.

Adhering to ISO12647 colour management targets, Park accurately matched the signed-off proofs while Katya and Dominic passed on press.

Print production and folding were completed in-house, while a member of the team supervised the naked binding and debossing at the outworkers.


The results

*The final product was a “work of art”, brought in on tight budget restrictions

*Sharp images, with good contrast and lift throughout

*Accurate folding, stitching and trimming


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