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Christie’s Audrey Hepburn

Christie’s, founded in 1766, is a British auction house located on King Street, in London’s St James’s, specialising in extraordinary art, unparalleled service and expertise, as well as international glamour.  It has conducted some of the greatest and most celebrated auctions through the centuries, providing a popular showcase for the unique and the beautiful.

The challenge

Christie’s wanted to create popular demand for their Audrey Hepburn exhibition, that unrivalled any previous auction.

The first objective was to create a series of eye-catching window vinyls to advertise the sale.  The vinyls were to be applied to both the King Street and Old Brompton Road (South Kensington) gallery windows, a total of ten windows.

The second objective was to create an interior for the exhibition, that would convey glamour, allow visitors to share a glimpse into Audrey’s personal life, and encourage all who visited to fall in love with the items on sale.

In July 2017, Park worked in collaboration with Christie’s to create a series of stunning, eye-catching window displays to promote the sale. In September 2017, this culminated in a backdrop for the exhibition which caught and conveyed the glamour and personality of Audrey.

Our solution

STAGE ONE: King Street and Old Brompton Road windows

The requirement was to produce full sized window vinyls for four windows at Christie’s King Street auction rooms and all six windows at their Old Brompton Road premises.  Christie’s were keen to bring glamour to the windows, to match the glamour of the star herself.

Only 5 working days were available from brief to installation.

Park had to ensure that the materials used would withstand the sun, rain and wind for a period of three months.

Christie’s wanted to add a richness to the black and white images by integrating a metallic.  We explained that large format presses are not able to print a metallic but, as an alternative, we proposed that the images be printed in a four colour black on a PMS 877 silver coloured vinyl.  The use of four colour would add richness to the black whilst the silver vinyl would create the effect of a black and silver duotone.

When we reviewed the proofs of the monochrome images, we were concerned that the images were looking dark, and that the coverage was not allowing the silver to shine through.

Our retouching team opened up the images, with the aim to allow the richness and glamour of the silver to show through, without detracting from the detail and qualities of the original image.  Sample squares were produced as proofs for each image.

As an offering which we believe is unique to the industry, Park colour calibrates across all our printing formats, ensuring good colour match to our Epsons, whether printing litho, Indigo or large format.

One of the images was ‘4 colour’ to be printed on a white vinyl; we ran an Epson as a colour guide and then a sample square which closely matched the Epson.

Christie’s chose their preferred version for each of the duotone images.  We were asked to retouch out some blemishes in one of the duotone images and to add brightness to the skin tone of the 4 colour image.

The revised proofs were passed for press on Wednesday, printed on Thursday and installed in Kings Street on Friday 14 July 2017 and in South Kensington on 19 July 2017.

The results

A knock-out display that delighted Christie’s and passers-by and drew very positive media and social media coverage.

Queues to enter the exhibition/viewing, stretched over 500 yards, a level of interest in a viewing that Christie’s had never experienced before:

*Window displays which captured and conveyed the glamour of Audrey Hepburn
*A very close colour match to the 4 colour image
*Rich and bright, colour consistent duotone images
*All retouching, proofing, printing and installation achieved within a tight five day deadline

STAGE TWO: The exhibition

With the exhibition stretching over five galleries at their King Street location, Christie’s sought bespoke solutions for each room, while maintaining the themes of intimacy and glamour.  Park was asked to continue the theme used by the four colour black and silver window vinyls (used for pre-sale advertising).

There were five elements to the display:

  1. Completely wrap the wall of the New Gallery (over 77 metres) recreating the theme of Audrey’s bedroom
  2. Hang a wide 5 metre canvas of Audrey from ceiling to floor in the Great Room
  3. Provide a life-size portrait of Audrey at the end of an arcade walkway
  4. Provide a number of large wall-mounted head and shoulder portraits of Audrey for four of the rooms
  5. Provide signage and wayfinding throughout

For the room wrap we proposed an off-white textured canvas, over which we printed line drawings of Audrey’s bedroom.

The use of line drawings allowed the natural colour and texture of the canvas to show through, so achieving a natural and intimate feel to the room.  Despite its 77 metres in length, the room was wrapped using only 5 pieces of canvas to minimise seams.  Due to the accuracy of our colour management, colour consistency was maintained between each panel.

We proposed that the same canvas was used in each of the other rooms to ensure consistency of look and feel, including the largest graphic in the Great Room.

The 5 metre portrait of Audrey, glimpsed through heavy drapes was hung from the ceiling, starting half a metre below ceiling height.

By reproducing the head and shoulder portraits of Audrey in 4 colour black on silver, creating the impression of a black and silver duo-tone, we conveyed glamour and continued the visual theme of the window vinyls used to advertise the sale.

The same 4 colour black on silver was used for signage and wayfinding throughout.

Our team of installers attended the site prior to production to verify measurements and ensure that the proposed solutions would work on-site.  The same team then handled the installation to ensure
100% success.

The results

*Hundreds of people queued to see the exhibition, with queues stretching 500m around the block in order to gain entry
*Our graphics created a beautiful, intimate but luxurious setting, reflective of the qualities and personality of Audrey
*Accurate colour reproduction throughout the five galleries
*Clear and coherent signage assisting with wayfinding through the galleries
*The exhibition attracted very positive social press and social media coverage

See a 360° view of the exhibition.


This project has been shorlisted in the Print, Design and Marketing Awards 2018.


And shortlisted in the Digital Printer Awards 2018.


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Dorrance Hamilton Catalogue

Freeman’s auction house (America’s oldest auction house) services clients in the buying and selling of fine art, antiques, and jewellery.  With international experience and comprehensive knowledge of market conditions, the specialists at Freeman’s work closely with consignors and collectors to offer unparalleled service in the sale and purchase of fine art, antiques, jewellery, books and more.  

Last year, one of the great philanthropists, Dorrance “Dodo” Hill Hamilton, who was 88, passed away.  This year, many of her possessions, including fine art, jewellery and decorative arts, are being auctioned by Freeman’s.

The Challenge

The Mrs. Dorrance "Dodo" H. Hamilton sale is the most valuable single owner sale that Freeman’s have secured.  The first of two auctions: the fine art, furniture, porcelain, silver and other decorative and personal items were presented as a single-owner sale, The Collection of Dorrance "Dodo" H. Hamilton on April 29 2018.

Freemans wanted to create a stunning catalogue, that reflected the environmental and philanthropic values that Dodo treasured and encouraged readers to fall in love with the collection on sale.

We supported Freeman’s in achieving a truly ‘knock out’ catalogue by looking at every element of the production process to see where we could add differentiation within their budget.  To achieve the very best results, we suggested that we were involved from the earliest stage in the design.

Our Solution

Freemans wanted to use a theme of flowers to reflect Dodo’s love of the environment and gold to reflect the luxurious nature of her collection.  Beautiful flower images were chosen for the front cover, frontispiece and dividers.  We suggested using an eye-catching 3 level, multi-level emboss to highlight the orchid image on the front covers and single level embossing to highlight the flowers on the dividers.  We advised Freeman’s as to how to create the artwork for the multi-level emboss.

A touch of luxury was added by embossed gold foiling the cover and dividers.  To add further interest and a feel of luxury, we suggested that the frontispiece, another flower, be reproduced on a translucent paper.  A final touch of luxury was added by printing a gold band along and around the spine, to simulate expensive quarter binding.

Fold-out double page spreads were introduced to highlight and promote the most valuable items in the collection, the pages also adding further interest and intrigue to the book.

Time was tight and being based in the USA, there would be no time to send to Freeman’s proofs of the text or finishing.  We therefore proposed that we Epson scatter-proofed the most critical images up-front.

We also proofed the multi-level embossing, and foiling live on press, with a Park manager on site at the outworker.  Photographs were sent live to Freeman’s, but ultimately our customer had to rely on the advice of the manager on site and trust the adjustments that he made.

Our Colour Manager also stood in for the customer, press passing the text, using the approved scatter proof Epsons and our ISO 12647 colour management to set the standard.

Repro, printing, folding, binding and shrink wrapping were completed in-house.  The foiling, and embossing were completed at an outwork partner, under our supervision.

The Results
  • A creative, stunning, eye-catching catalogue
  • A catalogue that truly conveys luxury and at the same time the philanthropic values held by Dodo
  • A captivating and tactile cover that draws the reader in
  • Colour accurate and detailed reproduction of the imagery with good contrast
  • Smooth, blemish-free and consistent areas of solid colour
  • Blacks that look black
  • Accurate folding of text/fold out pages, trimming and PUR binding
  • A creativity enabled through Park’s costs saving suggestion
  • A finished result achieved through Park’s dedication in standing in for the customer at every stage of passing, including weekends.


This catalogue won the Print, Design and Marketing Awards 2018 in the Magazine and Catalogue category.

The judges said: "Technically an excellent example of high end quality catalogue production.  Encapsulating multiple finishing techniques that provide the reader with an innovative and dynamic journey".



This catalogue has also been shortlisted as a finalist in the PrintWeek Awards

PrintWeek Finalist Logo


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Saatchi Art – The Art of Shopping

Online shopping giant, eBay collaborated with specialist retailer Saatchi Art to create an experimental shopping experience, which brought together art and technology to uncover shoppers' subconscious desires.

For just 48 hours, eBay and Saatchi Art invited a select number of guests to attend a personalised shopping event, called The Art of Shopping.

Before entering a gallery filled with artworks, all guests were hooked up to headsets incorporating electroencephalogram (EEG) technology – which monitors electrical activity in the brain.

This "mind-tracking technology" – supplied by tech companMyndPlay – was able to locate moments when the wearer was inspired by what they saw in front of them.  It used this to create personalised shopping carts.

Our customer, Saatchi Art, the world’s leading online art gallery, works with Grégoire A Meyer, a self-taught visual artist, whose art examines the body in its extraordinary simplicity as biological, digital and aesthetic organism.


The Challenge

Saatchi Art, based in Los Angeles, approached Park Display as we had previous experience of using aluminium composite.  They needed a printer in London to recreate one of Grégoire’s artworks and deliver to the gallery for the high profile 'Art of Shopping' exhibition.  At the last minute they added artist Gerzy Kosinkski a self-taught photographer to the order.

Grégoire and Gerzy both required very high quality prints, suitable for hanging in a gallery, to be delivered within twenty-four hours.  We were asked to use aluminium composite, providing them with split battens on the reverse.

Using our Vutek GS3250LX, Park had to work to a high level of colour accuracy, ensuring that artworks made in the digital process would retain the colours as closely as possible when printed in CMYK.


The Solution

Uniquely, within the industry, Park's large format printers have been colour calibrated to match our FOGRA certified Epson proofs.  This ensures the highest level of colour accuracy and colour consistency. 

Using aluminium composite panels, Park Display reproduced the artworks, ensuring that the colours were accurate as well as rich in colour and detail.

We routed each artwork with an accurate tool on the DYSS cutting table to make sure that all edges were finished to high standards.  As soon as the pieces were finished they were delivered to the gallery and hung in place, awaiting the opening of The Art of Shopping.


The Results
  • Park Display accurately colour matched reproduction on the aluminium composite panels to the original artworks
  • Delivered on time within a 24 hour turnaround timeframe
  • Both graphics had a high level of colour consistency


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