Park’s high-end production values, prized by galleries, artists, luxury brands and independent magazines, are thanks in part to the skill and experience of our in-house retouching team.

Magazines such as Port and Kinfolk, and fine art dealers such as Portland Gallery rely on our team’s skill, experience and colour knowledge to produce maximum visual impact and colour accuracy.

Retouching in-house, by our experienced specialists, enables us to undertake revisions at speed, sometimes reducing production cycles by several days, whilst increasing accuracy and quality control.

Print reprographics

Park combines human skill with technological capability for an industry-leading print repro services.

We use GMG colour proofing software, alongside online proofing and file collaboration systems, to fine-tune colours and details, right up to final press.

Our Epson proofs are colour-calibrated along with all our production presses, allowing print designers to sign off colour-accurate proofs, and often to trust Park to press-pass on their behalf.

Park carries the ISO 12647 colour certification, a mark of our track-record in meeting highest-possible production standards on every page of print.

Park also conducts typesetting in-house. Click here to find out more.

For advice on how to prepare files for print, click here.


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The digital question for independent magazines

The digital question for independent magazines

23 Nov 2020

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