With the artworking team operating under the same roof as our printers, Park provides an end-to-end service from our facility in East London.

Whether for books, brochures or magazines, our experts will help you find the perfect materials, dimensions, bindings and more for your production. Our team can then tailor the layout for a coherent and striking on-page design.

Artworking for auctions & annual reports

Park is also a specialist print artworker in two product types. One is auction catalogues, where excel in the design of bespoke templates that enable the reader journeys characteristic of these publications.

The other is annual reports, where our experience and attention to detail ensures the best results for these highly technical documents.

Scroll down to read our case studies and see examples of print design and artworking carried out by by Park.


Learn more about print design and artworking

Recycled paper: a print designer’s guide

Recycled paper: a print designer’s guide

30 Aug 2023

Recycled paper is an exciting world of creative possibilities, but many people are surprised to discover that recycled paper isn’t necessarily needed for a sustainable production. Recycled materials certainly bring environmental benefits. They typically require less water to produce, and have a smaller carbon footprint than virgin fibre (although this depends on the individual paper. …


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