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PRINT IS NOT DEAD – Ozone Coffee Roasters

PRINT IS NOT DEAD – Ozone Coffee Roasters

Ozone Coffee Roasters produce a journal about coffee, people and business.  And everything in between.  It tells stories from their community, provides insightful learnings and shares inspiring ideas, and it also doubles as a motivational project for their staff. 

Ozone explores a different topic every issue.  So far, they have covered Beginnings, Motivation and Opportunity.  Issue 4 celebrates 'Regeneration' through the evolution of projects, food trends, retail and the planet.  They asked industry pros what they are doing to regenerate their businesses, projects and people.

Park Communications are very proud to not only print the journal, but Alison Branch, our Managing Director, features in the Print Is Not Dead article alongside graphic artist, print maker and designer - Anthony Burrill.

In a world where our Instagram feeds are growing and our attention spans are shrinking, print media has a unique challenge as it seeks to stay relevant.  But we are optimists.  Print is not dead.  The Ozone Family

Ozone Coffee Roasters

Bianca Tuckwell for Ozone Coffee UK



Print now has to compete with digital media, so it has to offer things that cannot be achieved with digital media.  Some of the key areas where print has the edge are:

1. Making it attention grabbing - size, colours, materials, bindings, and finishes all matter

2. Appealing to the senses that digital can't - for example, tactility, sounds and smells

3. Working with print means you can take the benefit of double page spreads to convey lifestyle or impact

4. Inducing relaxation - print can be a relaxing break from our heavy online life

5. Research has shown that we retain more detailed information if we read from paper rather than from a screen

We help our customers add creativity and differentiation to their printed communications, within their budgets.  Our team is passionate and like to get involved in providing creative solutions.  We work as a team and draw on everyone's experience.  Alison Branch, Managing Director, Park Communications

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