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WRAP issue 12: interactive art magazine


ISO 12647 colour management

THREE STOCKS coated and uncoated

PULL-OUT interactive features

“A luscious process of tearing and smoothing and unwrapping.”

Kitty Drake, Stack Magazines

Not for the first time, a new client told us they were let down by their first printer, who couldn’t achieve the required standard.

Park to the rescue.

WRAP Magazine is a celebration of illustration, design and culture, with an innovative feature in every issue: five pull-out sheets of wrapping paper designed by featured artists.

To channel artistic spirit and add intrigue the reader journey, we selected an interplay of tactile Munken Polar Rough and coated Galerie Gloss stocks.

The wrapping paper, meanwhile, was printed on Munken Polar Smooth, perforated, folded and bound into the magazine in-house at Park.

During proofing, our retouchers collaborated with the client to perfect and reproduce their artwork according to the ISO 12647 colour management standard.

“A HUGE thanks for getting our magazines over to us already – they look fantastic!”

Chris Harrison, Co-Founder & Design Director, Wrap Magazine


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