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The Spectre of Milan

  • Magazine printed by Park Communications
  • Magazine printed by Park Communications
  • Magazine printed by Park Communications

The Spectre of Milan is a free newspaper created by Disegno that shares oral histories about Milan’s place in design lore.  The large format newspaper was distributed across Milan throughout Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the world’s biggest furniture trade fair with around 300,000 visitors attending each year from more than 160 countries.


The challenge

For the latest issue of The Quarterly Journal of Design, Disegno asked leading figures to share their anecdotes from past editions of the design week. The Spectre of Milan newspaper is a special extension of this project.  The newspaper features oral histories where designers share their memories of Milan's past, as well as their reflections on a city that continues to fascinate the creative industries.

The exclusive special edition was designed to be a free newspaper, to be distributed by specific stockists throughout the city.  Park was brought in to add quality so the paper ‘stood out from the crowd’.


Our solution

The Spectre of Milan was produced under a robust environmental management programme adhering to ISO14001, and EMAS .

Under our environmental management programme:

Plates were run using minimal amounts of chemistry and any waste was rendered harmless and recycled.

Plates were run under a programme to reduce the amount of water required to process each plate (5% per year).

Plates were collected for recycling after use.

Presses were run to alcohol levels below 3%, and any waste chemistry was recycled.

Inks used were vegetable oil based and any waste recycled.

Waste paper generated during production was minimised under our programme to reduce overs for make-ready.

Waste paper was segregated into white and printed waste to maximise recyclability.

Electricity use was minimised under Park’s commitment to the Government’s Climate Change Levy Exemption Scheme (reduce electricity by 2% per year).

All production was carried out in-house to avoid the carbon generated through transport to outworkers.

Catalogues were delivered to Disegno on a vehicle delivering other products to the same area, so keeping carbon emissions generated by transport to the minimum.

Paper recommended by Park was Cyclus, a 100% recycled offset.


The results

A visually stunning result achieved within tight production deadline and despite the use of an off-white 100% recycled uncoated material.

Excellent lift and detail achieved on the uncoated material.

Produced to a high environmental standard across its lifecycle.

Neutral black and white images and vibrant colour, lift and contrast throughout.

Colour images very sharp with good contrast.


This job won the Print, Design and Marketing Award in the Environmental category.

PDMA Finalist_2016







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“Looks great. Thank you.”

Johanna Agerman, Editor - Disegno Magazine

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