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The Collector: Christie’s auction house

  • CANVAS photographic backdrops
  • 5 GALLERIES immersive displays
  •  MULTI-FORMAT campaign
  • ISO 12647 colour standard


For The Collector sale, Christie’s auction house wanted to whisk potential clients off to New York, Paris and Rome, and help them visualize the collection of rare furniture and décor items in their own homes.

This complex, two-stage brief began with pre-sale marketing. Park built photographic sets using bespoke light boxes, and printed backdrops on large single pieces of canvas to ensure no unbroken lines.

We had the set installed, photographed and dismantled in five hours, and the first stage of the production completed in only five days.

For the big day, Park recreated the backdrops on 5m-high walls across five galleries, adding wayfinding and further experiential graphics for a truly immersive experience.

Displays were printed on multiple substrates including canvas, vinyl and foam boards. Park’s unique colour calibration process ensured perfect colour consistency across the entire production.

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“The production brought my vision to life beyond expectations.”

Simone Maxwell - Christie’s

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