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Superyacht Report

The Superyacht Group’s strategic plan for the next four years, is to become the most valuable partner for any super yacht company wishing to build their business through strategic marketing, targeted customer engagement and unique market insight.

Central to their plan is an upgraded data, insight and information network. They have invested in their portfolio and created two high quality print magazines – The Superyacht Report and The Crew Report – and three digital platforms that are unique and unrivalled in their approach.


The challenge

The Superyacht Report is a next-generation magazine to inspire, inform and challenge the norm – “A magazine worth reading”.

With a new style, new content and a full time team of eight journalists, The Superyacht Report is the most intelligent and influential magazine on the market, covering all aspects of the superyacht industry.

The magazine targets, who Superyacht consider to be, VIPs; Captains, Owners, Yacht Managers, Chief Engineers, First Officers, Brokers, Designers, Senior Shipyard Management, Owner’s Representatives, Investors and Family Offices.

Inevitably, this means the printed magazine demands extremely high quality production and an innovative way to present an intriguing read.  Superyacht sought Park’s advice on enhancing the production values and creating a truly differentiated look and feel.


Our solution

Park suggested using a mixture of coated and uncoated material in order to increase visual impact.

A 200# screen and profiles specially developed for each of the coated and uncoated materials, were used to achieve the very best production.

An anti-scuff matt laminate was used on the cover to give a more robust finish and a tactile look-and-feel. To finish it off a spot gloss UV varnish was also suggested to add a level of luxury.

Instead of the 6 page front cover opening from the interior, a 6 page ‘Z’ fold cover, with the flap opening on the exterior was explored to add extra intrigue and giving the magazine a truly differentiated look and feel.

Proofs were supplied as hi-res Epson proofs on uncoated paper for the cover and uncoated sections, and coated paper for the coated sections.

Adhering to ISO 12647-2 (2013) colour standard, Park accurately matched the signed-off proofs while the customer passed the cover and first few sections on press.

Print production, folding and binding were completed in-house while a representative from the production team supervised the lamination, spot gloss UV varnish and glue dot application.


The results

*Park’s high quality production enabled the customer to achieve a creative, captivating magazine within a tight budget and timetable

*Photography powerfully and accurately conveyed

*Interesting tactile and unusual cover

*Good shade match between inner cover and the uncoated text, even though the cover and text are printed on different materials

*Excellent lift and detail achieved on both the uncoated and coated text sections

*Smooth and consistent areas of solid colour

*Dense black and very good contrast on imagery

*Accurate folding and PUR binding


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“We were delighted with the first issue of the re-design, this next issue is marvellous, thank you!”

Felicity Salmon – Superyacht Group

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