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Sam Fogg – Of Earth & Heaven

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  • Of Earth & Heaven

Sam Fogg is the world's leading dealer in the art of the European Middle Ages.

The ‘Of Earth & Heaven’ exhibition highlights Europe’s artistic development between the 12th and 16th centuries, including many of the finest masterpieces of Medieval and Renaissance art still in private hands.

The challenge

Park Communications were asked to produce the catalogue which accompanies the exhibition at the Luhring Augustine Gallery in New York.  The production needed to capture the masterpieces’ heritage, but be presented in a clean and modern ‘keep-sake’ book.

Designer, Richard Ardagh, came to us with clear specification.  However, some of the processes were extremely costly and took the cost beyond budget.  We supported Richard by suggesting different ways to produce similar aesthetics, at a more affordable price.

Our solution

Richard knew what materials he wanted to use, so we made up some white paper dummies, which were approved by the Gallery.  We suggested a gate-fold cover to make the cover heavier and more robust.

The ‘keep-sake’ aesthetics required a thread sewn book.  To ensure the book ‘stood out’, we suggested various finishing solutions.

Originally Richard wanted the cover to be printed in a solid dark red to match the image on the front cover.  We suggested that, as the material was uncoated, it would be prudent to avoid a dark solid, as this would be likely to mark.  Instead of the red solid, we suggested a red foil to highlight the red in the cover image.

Richard wanted the image on the cover to be heavily debossed, so it looked as if the picture was sitting in a frame.  We advised this was costly and tricky to produce, suggesting a clear foil deboss with a heavy hit to make the picture stand out and give the illusion of the image sitting within a box.

We wet proofed the cover (including the foil blocking and debossing), to show how each of the above suggestions would look.  We also demonstrated the cost effectiveness of our solutions in comparison to the original brief.

Final artwork was proofed using hi-res Epson proofs on uncoated paper.

Adhering to ISO 12647-2 colour standards, we accurately matched the signed-off proofs while Richard Ardagh press passed.

Print production and folding were completed in-house, while a member of the production team supervised the outworkers for the thread sewing, foil blocking, debossing and creasing.


The results

* Our creative advice, recommendations and high production values enabled the Sam Fogg Gallery to achieve a truly distinctive ‘keep-sake’ style book within budget

* Accurate reproduction of the original artworks in colour, vibrancy, luminosity, contrast and detail

* Dense blacks to maximise contrast

* Very good colour consistency

* Attention to detail to enable accurate thread sewing, foil blocking, debossing and creasing


This catalogue has been shortlisted as a finalist in the PrintWeek Awards

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“Of Earth & Heaven looks fantastic, you’ve done a great job, we should definitely be doing more of these!”

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