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Sage Annual Report 2017

  • Sage Annual Report
  • Sage Annual Report
  • Sage Annual Report

Sage is the global market leader for technology that helps businesses of all sizes manage everything from money to people – whether they're a start-up, scale-up or enterprise. 

The challenge

The Annual Report is used by Sage as a key marketing tool to communicate their strategy to stakeholders.  The report had to be designed and printed to a very high standard in order to powerfully and clearly communicate the new transformational strategy.

For the 2017 report, Black Sun wanted to retain short pages, but to have these pages cut 45 mm short of the head, to enable the continuity of primary messaging at the top of each page.  As there were to be 30 short pages, made up of three sections of ten pages, this presented a major bindery production challenge.

Our solution

We were determined to find a resolution to Black Sun’s design requirement for the three sections of short pages.

It was no longer possible to thread sew the report because the sewing would be loose in the top 45 mm of the book .

The short pages would also be a challenge for PUR binding.  Using standard PUR binding, the short pages would add 1.5mm to the width of the spine.  This meant that the spine would be 1.5 less in width for the top 45 mm than it was for the rest of the spine.  This is turn meant that the hinge glue would not adhere well to the first and last page of text in this top 45mm of each report.  Other printers advised Black sun that this problem could not be overcome.

Park undertook a series of trials to test different spine glues and apply different amounts of pressure when applying the cover to the book block.  Our final test delighted Black Sun and Sage, and was chosen for the live production.

The short pages had to be given their final trim prior to binding.  Delivering the solution required highly accurate trimming of these short pages.

The quality of printing was ensured by Park’s ISO 12647 colour management programme.

Proofing included on-press machine scatter-proofs, high resolution Epson’s run to FOGRA standards and 6 x Indigo book proofs including short pages and silk lamination.

So not to detract from premium feel of the white matt Heaven 42 paper, we applied a matt neutral seal when printing.

All print production was completed in-house.

The results

* Stunning annual report conveying a strong operational performance and the transformational offer of Sage Business Cloud

* Vibrant captivating image reproduction retaining lots of detail

* Dense blacks and excellent colour consistency

* Beautifully smooth tints throughout

* Highly accurate folding

* Accurate trimming of the short pages

* Highly quality, strong PUR binding and hinge gluing, despite the challenge of the 30 short pages

* Park successfully managed the complex mailing of up to 5 items, over 6 shareholder groups in house

* Park managed the production of 5 ancillary documents


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“We have received our Sage Reports and all is looking very nice indeed!”

Richard Cross, Black Sun

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