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Sage 2016

Sage is the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll and payment solutions. 

Their mission is to “help drive today’s business builders with new generation software to manage  everything from money to people.”  They combine social, mobile and real‐time technology to put live information at their customer’s fingertips so they can make fast, informed decisions

The Challenge

2016 was a key year in Sage’s transformation.  The business continued to perform, delivering  consistent returns for their shareholders.

The Annual Report is used by Sage as a key marketing tool to communicate their strategy to stakeholders.  This meant that the report had to be printed to a very high standard in order to communicate their message.

Black Sun involved us at the estimating stage, the design concept was already developed but all other printers had declined as they considered that the specification was impossible to produce.   The customer wanted very short pages within the text, while being thread sewn for better read-across.  We were the only printer to say we could deliver to their specification.  Delivering the solution required highly accurate folding and an innovative method of trimming  the short pages.


Our Solution

The most important element of this job was that we were able to come up with a solution when other printers had said it was impossible.  Thread sewn binding was essential, as the customer wanted the read‐across to be extremely accurate.  The concept was designed with two levels of short pages.  The shorter of the two were too short for index cutting after the books were bound (the usual method of production).

We gathered the relevant production managers and considered all the options.  Full machine dummies were prepared on a number of different options to test our solutions.  The final successful solution was to die cut the printed flat sheets of the sections with the very short  pages.  The edge of the short pages were trimmed by the die cutting, and the head/foot of each page was held in place by tiny paper attachments, allowing the unprinted paper to stay in position when the pages were thread sewn.  The unprinted paper, was then removed after the final bind.

Park suggested various papers and the customer selected a premium soft matt coated paper.  We then printed the job on the KBA with a neutral coat, so not to detract from premium feel of paper.  Extensive proofing included on‐press machine scatter‐proofs, high resolution Epson’s run to FOGRA standards and 4 stages of Indigo book proof.  To maximise colour consistency, we adhered to ISO12647 colour management targets.  Print production and folding were completed in‐house, while a member of our production team supervised the thread sewing and die‐cutting at the outworkers.

The Results

*Park were the only printer to come up with an innovative solution to ensure the customer’s requirements were met

*Stunning annual report conveying a strong operational performance

*Vibrant captivating image reproduction retaining lots of detail

*Dense blacks and excellent colour consistency

*Superb alignment of tabs and excellent read‐across

*Beautifully smooth tints throughout

*Highly accurate folding

*Accurate and well executed thread sewing

*We successfully managed the complex mailing of up to 5 items, over 6 shareholder groups in house

*We managed the production of 5 ancillary documents


This publication has been shortlisted in the PrintWeek Awards 2017

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