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PUSS PUSS is a content driven independent magazine for culture, fashion, music and cat-lovers.  There are no ‘naff’ cat outfits or cat food advice; instead, beautiful photography, illustration, intelligent writing, and interviews from creatives from around the globe.

After careful consideration we were chosen because of our expertise in adding value and creativity, improving the quality of the magazine and reducing costs.


The challenge

The fourth issue of PUSS PUSS followed the trend of increasing pagination started in the successful second and third issues.  We had to find a way of accommodating this higher pagination without increasing the postage costs and without reducing quality.


Our solution

Our solution was to change the text paper to one which had the same bulk and opacity, but was lighter.  This brought the total package weight back within the 500g postal cost threshold.

A mixture of coated and uncoated materials were used to increase the visual impact and tactile feel of the magazine.  We did not recommend any changes to the coated paper, because we foresaw increased show-through if the weight was reduced.

A 200# screen plus image and plate profiles specially developed to achieve the best results were applied for each of the uncoated and coated materials.  Hard drying inks, adapted for uncoated materials, were used for the production of the uncoated text sections.

Proofs were supplied as hi-resolution Epson proofs on uncoated paper for the uncoated material sections, and coated paper for the coated material sections and for the cover.

Adhering to ISO12647 colour management targets, we accurately matched the signed-off proofs while the customer passed on press.

Print production, folding and binding were completed in-house, while a member of the production team supervised the foiling of the cover at the outworker.


The result

*A visually stunning result achieved within tight budget and timing constraints

*Excellent lift and detail achieved on the coated and uncoated materials

*Consistently smooth solid colours

*Reduction in distribution costs with no compromise on quality of content



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“Thank you so much for producing the 4th issue of PUSS PUSS; the quality is great!!”

Maria Joudina, PUSS PUSS Magazine

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