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Petra Diamonds Annual Report

Petra Diamonds are a leading independent diamond mining group and an increasingly important supplier of rough diamonds to the international market.

They focus on the highest margin section of the diamond pipeline – the upstream, involving the mining, processing, sorting and sale of rough diamonds. Petra’s diamonds have a unique provenance in that they are sourced from some of the most culturally significant diamond mines in the world, which only adds to their allure.


The challenge

The Annual Report is used by Petra Diamonds as a key marketing tool to communicate their strategy to stakeholders. As diamonds are a luxury product (Petra Diamonds focuses on the highest value diamonds) the report had to convey the highest quality. One key element was that the report had to be able to sit open while any stakeholders were on-site at the mines. Park proposed to the designer that Half Canadian wiro binding be considered.


Our solution

The customer wanted the heaviest board possible, to provide a durable outer for the wiro-bound report.  Having sought approval from the outworker (as the heavier weight cover also needed to be punched for wiro-binding) Park suggested using Invercote Duo 490gsm, one of the heaviest stocks we can print on our presses.

The artwork was processed using a 200# conventional screen throughout.

Extensive proofing included on-press machine scatter-proofs, and high resolution Epson’s run to FOGRA standards and an Indigo book proof.

Adhering to ISO12647 colour management targets, we accurately matched the scatter-proof for colour reproduction, and the Epson for content, while the designer passed on press.

Print production, folding PUR binding and matt lamination were completed in-house, while a member of Park production team supervised the wiro-binding.


The results

*A unique, differentiating report which conveys the high quality of Petra Diamond’s products

*A report which reliably met the customers’ need that it sat fully flat

*Vibrant captivating image reproduction retaining lots of detail

*Beautifully smooth tints throughout

*Excellent cross-spine line-ups

*High colour consistency

*Accurate folding and binding


This publication has been nominated for a Print, Design and Marketing Award for Report and Accounts. It has also been shortlisted in the PrintWeek Awards for Report and Accounts Printer of the Year.








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“An unusual Annual Report, which stands out from the crowd, practical and durable yet, beautiful with great images.”

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