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The Nature of Motion Nike

NIKE, named after the Greek goddess of victory, is the world's leading designer, marketer, and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities.

For the occasion of Milano Design Week 2016, 8 progressive contemporary designers joined Nike's internal design team to explore ‘Natural Motion’ through various mediums.

The final room in the exhibition featured over 30 experimental sports shoes that had been adapted to amplify the motion of the body.


The challenge

The Nature of Motion book marks the efforts put into the Milano Design Week, it follows the artists, Nike’s journey through the years, the concept of one of their most innovative products, Nike’s experiments in natural motion and the peripheral talks, runs, dinner, party, retail and digital presence, and media coverage of the exhibition.

Like the exhibition, the Nature of Motion is a book where design, science, technology and emotion meet.  Readers are sent on a journey that leaves them with a deeper understanding of the brand’s mind set, on both a practical and conceptual level - going beyond the sport shoe.

The production of the case bound book and slip case were to be of an extremely high standard as the book was to go to Senior Executives within Nike.


Our solution

Digitally printed on the HP Indigo seven colour 7800 digital press, Park advised on the paper stocks to be used, inks and technical details of the production.

We provided white paper dummies to test the stocks and after consulting with Nike, Park changed the paper stock in order to convey a higher quality feel. The customer thought the stocks were too rigid but didn’t want to change the stock or the weight, so Park suggested changing the grain direction, making the page more malleable. Nike was happy with this suggestion and white paper dummies were resupplied.

We neutralised the 4 colour black and white images and the artwork was processed using an HDI – 175 screening combined with customised LUT settings.  Proofs were supplied as HP Indigo book proofs

In order to save the customer costs, Park employed a two-hit, one shot of black ink on the fluorescent sheets so the material did not need to be sapphire coated and a five-hit, one shot of white ink onto the black dividers, a much more cost effective alternative to white silk screen or white foiling.

Print production and folding were completed in-house, while a representative of Park supervised the outworkers for the case binding and foiling.


The results

*Excellent lift and detail achieved on the uncoated material

*Very good contrast on imagery

*Malleable pages with a high quality feel

*4 colour black and white images neutralised and proofed on correct paper materials.

*Two-hit, one shot of black ink on the fluorescent stock

*Five-hit, one shot of white ink onto the black dividers

*Fine detail foiling on the cover

*Accurate folding and case binding


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This publication has been nominated for:

*Print, Design and Marketing Award for Hardbacked Books

*PrintWeek Awards for Bespoke Digital Printer of the Year

*Digital Printer Awards for Books

This publication won:

*Digital Printer Awards for Creative use of substrates


“Great job – love the white ink – thanks!”

Lee Owens - Nike

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