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Mondial Magazine Issue #2

  • Mondial issue #2
  • Mondial Issue #2
  • Mondial Issue #2
  • Mondial Issue #2

Mondial, is a biannual magazine from lifestyle cycle brand Rapha, containing long form writing, photography and in-depth reportage, all connected to cycling.  The company is known for their refined and classic aesthetic, and have extended their sophisticated style to the magazine’s design.


The challenge

To underpin and enhance their brand, Rapha decided to launch a new cycling magazine for its loyalty customers with the name ‘Rapha Mondial’.  For the second issue, our brief was to contribute to the creativity and tactility, and deliver an eye-catching, high quality magazine that reflected their brand, a perfect blend of luxury, performance and aesthetics and which screamed out ‘pick me up and read me’.


Our solution

To increase the visual impact, we proposed using a mixture of materials: matt, gloss, uncoated, and a coloured stock for the cover.  We prepared a number of dummies, each with a different combination of papers so that Rapha could choose the mix that best reflected the brand.

To obtain a dense black on the cover material, we proposed a black matt foil.

We applied our unique Park XD Screening technology.  For the coated stock, this used a 240# Sublima (hybrid) screen to the images, so obtaining best vibrancy and lift, and a 21 micron stochastic screen to the four colour tints to achieve smooth solids and tints, and for the uncoated stock, a 200# conventional screen to the images with a 21 micron stochastic screen for the other areas.

The solid black article headings were converted to print as 4 colour blacks to obtain a dense black, and monochrome imagery was neutralised by our repro team to ensure consistent colour.

Plate profiles were applied, developed to achieve the best results on each material.  Special hard drying inks for uncoated materials were used and the sheets were printed to ISO 12647-2 (2013) colour standard.


The result

*An eye-catching, tactile result that calls the customer to ‘pick me up and read’

*Excellent lift/detail achieved throughout, including the uncoated text sections

*Smooth pages of solid colour

*Dense black and very good colour consistency on the monochrome imagery

*Excellent cross-spine match-ups: colour and positioning

*Accurate folding and PUR binding


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“Rapha Mondial is a showcase of Rapha's finest written content and photography, and Park’s experience. Our shared love of print has helped us to reproduce it at the very highest standards.”

Jack Saunders, Creative Director, Rapha

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