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Linedata Exchange European Summit

  • Linedata Exchange European Summit Reception
  • Linedata Exchange European Summit 22m bar wrap
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  • Linedata Exchange European Summit 22m bar wrap 2
  • Linedata Exchange European Summit wall vinyls

MotivAction is a team of innovative people, creating motivation, communication and events solutions.

MotivAction’s clients, Linedata Exchange, host a series of premier events designed to encourage dialogue between key decision-makers in the asset management, credit and leasing communities.

MotivAction chose Sea Container Events, event space to host the Linedata Exchange annual European Summit.


The challenge

To brand the Cucumber Bar and auditorium, the most exclusive space at Sea Containers Events. The installation was limited to a short 4 hour time-frame during which access to the area would be restricted.

This needed lateral thinking, traditional methods would be too time consuming and expensive.

MotivAction sought an innovative and creative partner who could guarantee quality. They needed a partner to work within the restricted time-frame and to the original budget.

DisplayByPark were chosen for our creative ideas, cost and time reducing solutions, quality and supportive approach.


The results

Park's innovative solutions delivered powerful and colour accurate branding, installed within half the normal time, to a high quality, and at no extra cost.

MotivAction, Linedata Exchange and Sea Containers were highly impressed with the whole process. They commented that they had never experienced better. On the installation they were unable to comprehend how we achieved so much, with so few people, in such restricted areas, and in time!


Our solution

*cut frosted vinyl logos for windows (some at height and split between 9 or 4 window panes in each area)

*22m long bar wrap

*10 column wraps, 4m x 1.5m

*20 directional floor graphics

*wall vinyl’s

*foamboard panels

*roller banners

We surveyed the site with MotivAction and Sea Containers to measure, check for obstacles (such as sockets) and test adhesive samples, to guarantee that the venue would be left undamaged.

Traditional vinyl and wallpapers could not be used for the wraps as they would take too long to install. Instead we used a ‘block-out’ roller banner material. This brought the added befit of masking uneven surfaces and allowed all graphics to be installed in one piece, reducing the install time by a huge 70%.

Removable, repositionable vinyl was used for the wall to ensure a clean and easy removal.

Using our GMG colour profiles (calibrated for the highest stability and consistency) we were able to accurately colour match Linedata Exchange’s corporate colour over different substrates.

During the install, we were only allowed short, broken periods of time in each area. We worked closely with the Sea Containers to manage access, readjusting our installation plans as required.


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“You’ve been great to work with, very patient, and dealing with several of us as well as the client direct, and the venue, doesn’t make it easy! Thanks again and I hope we can work together soon."

Kelly Bibb – MotivAction

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