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Created by Jane Hutchison, Hello Beautiful is a website and blog which aims to help people that are about to go through breast cancer treatment, and give some insight as to what to expect.  The website gathers a wealth of knowledge from doctors, nutritionists, Qi Gong masters, Spiritualist Healers to the stories of the women and men who have gone through the same breast cancer struggle.

Hello Love Space is a community space and retail concept in Bloomsbury, London which has been designed to instigate collaborations between artists and brands that value social contribution, and is the spiritual home of the Hello Beautiful Foundation.  The space has three purposes: to educate; to inspire; and to create.


The Challenge

The goal of the space is to provide a central location for men, women and children to learn more about their health and happiness; and whilst doing so, feel inspired to teach others to do the same.

Hello Beautiful wanted to recreate their branding on the space’s windows, using bright and attractive colours, in order to encourage the local community to notice and visit.

They asked Park for our expertise in order to explore viable solutions, and to come up with a way to interpret their branding that was as bold and beautiful as their band.


Our Solution

Park approached Hello Love with a number of samples in order to demonstrate the variety of colours and finishes available.  We were able to explain the pros and cons of each material and accurately match their brand colours.

Park suggested using a certain type of coloured vinyl in order to get consistency of colour across all the graphics.  We made sure that the suggested vinyls were colourfast when placed in an external setting.

To enhance the colourful header we agreed to use fluorescent vinyls on the front of the glass.  These vinyls were high up and out of reach of people tempted to peel them from the glass.

The white lettering was reverse cut and placed inside the window.  The aim of this was to discourage people peeling the vinyls, which were within arms-reach, prolonging the lifetime of the vinyl and keeping the white lettering clean.

Park met Hello Love’s time constraints comfortably, ensuring that the graphics were installed at the earliest opportunity.  We used a team of two Park installers who attended site in the morning.  They placed the external graphics before the space was open, and completed the internal graphics once staff had arrived for the day.


The Results
  • Park enabled Hello Love to achieve their aspirations for their brand – a bright and attractive shop front to entice people to visit
  • A high level of colour consistency of across all the graphics
  • All graphics were installed in time (externally before the space was open and internally once staff had arrived for the day)


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“Just wanted to say, the vinyl looks stunning! It feels like Christmas I am so excited”.

Jane Hutchison – Hello Love

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