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Hello Love Space II

  • Hello Love II
  • Hello Love II
  • Hello Love II
  • Hello Love II

Hello Beautiful is a website and blog aimed at helping people that are about to go through breast cancer treatment. Jane Hutchison created the site to give some insight as to what to expect from treatment. Hello Love Space is an extension of the website, a community space and retail concept designed to instigate collaborations between artists and brands that value social contribution. Hello Love Space is the spiritual home of the Hello Beautiful Foundation.  The space has three purposes: to educate; to inspire; and to create.

The Challenge

Red Consultancy recently took-over Hello Love Space as a ‘pop-up’ shop. After the pop-up was finished, Hello Love asked DisplayByPark to install new window graphics. We were asked to complete the new graphics overnight, so the store could re-open, as usual, the following morning.

Hello Love wanted to recreate their branding on the windows, using bright and attractive colours, in order to encourage the local community to notice and visit.

Our Solution

Previously, Park had approached Hello Love with a number of samples in order to demonstrate the variety of colours and finishes available.

Previously, DisplayByPark had suggested using a certain type of coloured vinyl in order to get consistency of colour across all the graphics. We made sure that the suggested vinyls were colourfast when placed in an external setting.

This time, we had already agreed on the materials and DisplayByPark worked with Jane to come up with a different arrangement of PMS matched vinyls, to achieve the familiar look and feel. DisplayByPark comfortably met Hello Love’s time constraints, ensuring that the graphics were installed at the earliest opportunity. We used a team of two Park installers who attended the site overnight after Red Consultancy had vacated.  The next morning, as promised, the store was back to the Hello Love space with a fresh new look.


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