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Dunhill Spring/Summer 2016 menswear collection

  • Alfred Dunhill
  • Alfred Dunhill
  • Alfred Dunhill

Alfred Dunhill Ltd. is a quintessentially British luxury brand, specialising in ready-to-wear, custom and bespoke menswear, leather goods, and accessories.  The company is based in London, where it also owns and operates a leather workshop.


The challenge

34,000 copies of this complex high quality look book were required to be distributed worldwide, before the Chinese New Year.  The paper stock changed at the very last minute, which gave us an almost impossible challenge of four days to print, foil and bind.  The look book comprised 70 pages plus 4 x 2 pp dividers, plus cover, with the dividers printing on Colorplan, a material that is slow to dry.  Furthermore, the imposition and design necessitated a two page on Gallerie Gloss 150gsm, bound in as the first binding section.


Our solution

Due to the change of material we had to source huge amounts of paper at very short notice.  We worked with Ebbs to source 200,000 sheets from different areas of the country including Manchester, Leeds, London and Kent.

In addition, we had to get 18,000 sheets of Colorplan ‘Smooth Embossed’ in less than 24 hours.  Working closely with G.F. Smith, we had the debossing turned around within 24 hours.  This meant we had 4 days to print, deboss the divider pages, foil and bind.

A 200# screen plus image and plate profiles specially developed to achieve the best results were applied for the uncoated and coated materials, while hard drying inks adapted for each material were used.

Proofs were supplied as hi-resolution Epson proofs on uncoated/coated papers.

Adhering to ISO12647 colour management targets, we accurately matched the signed-off proofs and a member of the team press passed every section.

Each of the divider pages were treated as 2pp tip-ins, which had to be hand-fed to the binder.

The same member of the team was also onsite at the outworkers to pass the foiling and debossing.  We made certain that minimum heat and pressure were used to adhere the matt foil, ensuring clean crisp edges and a consistent foil throughout the run.

To ensure accurate knock-up of the lightweight two page of the first section, we slowed the running speed of the binder by 30%, and had an additional operator on the machine.

Each of the divider pages were treated as 2pp tip-ins, which had to be hand fed to the binder.

Print production, folding and binding were all completed in-house.


The results

**Stunning look book achieved within almost impossibly tight time constraints

*Excellent lift and detail achieved on the uncoated cover material

*Clean and crisp matt foil consistent throughout the print run

*Beautifully debossed back cover and divider pages

*Colour images very sharp with good contrast

*Accurate folding and complex binding over 12 binding sections including:
5 x 2pp, 1 x 4pp, 4 x 8pp and 2 x 16pp

*34,000 copies produced within 4 working days from the pass for press


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“Amazing. Fantastic. We heard back from the head honcho too, who said ‘WE LOVE IT’, so this is great.”

Guillermo de Pablo Lobo, Dunhill

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