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Drax Annual Report

  • Drax Annual Report
  • Drax Annual Report

Drax Group has three principal activities - electricity production, electricity sales to business customers, and processing sustainable biomass for use in electricity production.  Drax in the UK is principally a power generation business responsible for meeting around 7-8% of electricity demand.

The Annual Report is used by Drax as a prime marketing tool to convey their strategy to stakeholders.


The challenge

Sustainability is central to the Drax business.  Managing the environmental, social and economic impacts of their supply chain is essential to their operating approach.  Their aim is to become a fully biomass-fueled generator, but require further support to realise this.  In the meantime they remain a critical part of the UK generating infrastructure.  The Drax Annual Report is a key part of communications and needed to reflect their environmental aspirations.

The fresh new look of the report required a clean look with bright and vibrant images and messages.

By choosing us as their print partner, Drax was able to ensure, and demonstrate to stakeholders, that their report is produced under a robust environmental management programme.


Our solution

We produced several white paper dummies on a range of recycled materials and, after deliberation, Drax chose Cocoon 100% offset.

A 200# screen, and image and plate profiles specially developed to achieve the best results, were applied for the uncoated material, and hard drying inks, adapted for uncoated materials, were used.

Extensive proofing included on-press machine scatter-proofs, high resolution Epson’s run to FOGRA standards and an Indigo book proof.

The cover and first text sections were press-passed by Emperor Design, the designers.  To maintain colour consistency for the rest of the report, we adhered to ISO12647 colour management targets.

A key requirement of the project was to complete production within 5 days (including the weekend) in order to meet the ‘no-fail’ despatch date to the client’s offices.

Print production, folding and PUR binding were undertaken in-house.


The results

*Captivating annual report conveying the financial and renewable elements of Drax’s strategy and performance

*Bright, vibrant images despite the 100% recycled material

*Clean, punchy image reproduction retaining lots of detail

*Consistently smooth tints and solid colours

*Accurate folding and binding

*Passed Saturday lunchtime for delivery Thursday morning


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“Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the Drax report; both the team here and client are very happy. Congratulations to all the team at Park.”

Andrew Westgate, Emperor Design

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