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DixonBaxi – Brand book

  • Dixon Baxi Brand Book
  • Dixon Baxi Brand Book
  • Dixon Baxi Brand Book

DixonBaxi is a creative agency which believes in the power of creativity to change things for the better, to shape organisations and inspire people.

With over a decade and a half of experience working across continents, languages and cultures, they have become skilled at solving complex brand problems.

They came to us to produce their new book, ‘We make creative work’, which showcases a selection of their global brand projects created during the past three years.


The challenge

At almost 250 pages, it’s a hefty tome and celebrates the craft, expertise and passion that drives DixonBaxi.  Limited to only 1,500 copies, it was only be available as a gift from DixonBaxi to their friends, collaborators and clients.  We were consulted in order to add an extra dimension of creativity and to ensure it was produced to the highest standards worthy of a gift.  Conformity to their brand identity was of the utmost importance, while pushing the boundaries of creativity.


Our solution

Firstly we prepared a white paper dummy so that Dixon Baxi could set up the sizing of the artwork accurately.  As Dixon Baxi wanted to achieve the very highest standard, they changed their artwork and resupplied it to us for Epson proofing on five separate occasions.

A 200# screen, and image and plate profiles specially developed to achieve the best results on coated material, were applied.

The text, in PMS 426, was printed onto solid PMS 3262, and not reversed out.  The grey was printed so that the background green did not affect its colour.  The judgement was made that reversing the text out of the green to white, and then printing the grey text, would have exposed the project to paper stretch issues causing fit or halo problems.

Proofs were supplied as hi-resolution Epson proofs on coated paper.  Digital book proofs were printed on an HP Indigo 7800 digital press, so that the customer could check match-ups and positioning of artwork close to the spine.

Adhering to ISO12647 colour management targets, we accurately matched the signed-off proofs.

Print production was completed in-house, while a member of the production team supervised the lamination, debossing, thread sewing and case binding at the various outworkers.


The result

*An eye-catching bright and colourful brand stor

*Excellent lift and detail achieved

*Colour images very sharp with good contrast

*Smooth and clean pages of solid colour

*Excellent cross-spine matchups: colour and positioning

*Accurate folding and section sewn binding


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“We make creative work’ allowed us to indulge in one of our long standing passions - print. It is printed litho in six colours by the fantastic team at Park. The cover includes a nice chunky deboss of the DB logo and it is lovingly wrapped in tissue paper with a clever fold. Well done.”

Dervla O’Shea – DixonBaxi

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