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David Bowie – Legend

  • David Bowie

Michel Haddi has been one of the world’s leading fashion photographers for over 20 years, his work gracing the most prestigious magazines in the fashion industry.  He is a member of a photographing aristocracy that transforms simple fashion shots into true artistic creations.

After David Bowie’s death in January of this year, using photos first printed in 1993, Michel Haddi wanted to publish a limited edition collector’s art book.  The art book was beautifully designed by the creative director, Roberto Da Pozzo, and distributed worldwide from April 2016.

We have worked with Michel on a number of projects, ‘The Legend’ being the most recent.


The challenge

As the book is a limited edition collector’s art book and strictly limited to 500 copies, each copy had to be signed and numbered by Michel Haddi.  Consideration had to be given therefore to the type of paper used, in order to allow both pen ink for the signature and beautiful reproduction of the images.  The price for each copy of this unique collection is £300, so the production had to be of a very high standard.

We were tasked to come up with a specification to meet these requirements, which kept within the customer’s budget and which made his photographs look amazing.


Our solution

Michel wanted to print the art book in duo-tone, so we performed a scatter proof with four different colour treatments for him to choose the treatment that gave the best reproduction.

His brief was to achieve the maximum size that could be printed and finished as a saddle stitched brochure.  He also wanted a heavy weight of material.  We produced several white paper dummies on different materials and sizes to ascertain the optimum size/stock combination.

To achieve the best colour reproduction and detail, we used our dedicated plate profile and hard drying inks adapted for coated materials.

We used our dedicated plate profile and hard drying inks adapted for coated materials.

Proofs were supplied as hi-resolution Epson proofs on coated paper.

Adhering to ISO12647 colour management targets, we accurately matched the signed-off proofs.

Print production, folding and binding were all completed in-house.

Michel wanted them individually numbered and  to sign each of them before we shrink-wrapped them separately.

Due to the paper stock chosen, we had to advise Michel that hand stamping would run the risk of smudging.  We suggested that it would look far more personal if he numbered them by hand, as he was already signing each one.

We had to find a pen that would dry on impact, as he was signing on a gloss art material.  Tests were performed with various pens to ensure there was no smudging.

The hand numbering also meant a slight cost saving, as the hand stamping was not needed.


The results

*A visually stunning art print collector’s edition

*Duotone images very sharp, with good contrast and lift throughout

*Consistent and dense blacks

*Accurate folding, stitching and trimming


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When Michel came to the factory for the official signing, he was extremely emotional and very pleased with the final product. He exclaimed: "C'est vraiment magnifique!”

Michel Haddi, Photographer

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