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CAPCO 2016

CAPCO PLC is one of the largest property companies in central London.  It seeks to create value in  prime city locations through distinctive place‐making, innovation and enterprise, and the  attraction of world class luxury brands. 

The annual report with its high production values and luxurious look‐and‐feel is used by CAPCO  as a prime marketing tool in conveying this strategy to stakeholders.

The Challenge

This technically challenging design was required to be produced within a very demanding five day  schedule.

Our Solution

A fine 240# conventional screen was applied to the images to ensure a high level of detail and vibrancy, and a 21 Micron stochastic screen to the artworks and tints.  A 200# conventional  screen was used for the Accounts section.  The stochastic screen produces the flattest and smoothest tints.  However, most pictures are not of sufficient quality to be reproduced well using a Stochastic screen.  In most cases, images are better reproduced using a conventional screen.  This is why our XD Screening, a technology that is unique to us, allowing us to choose the type of screening to be used on different parts of the  page, is such a significant customer benefit.

Extensive proofing included on‐press machine scatter‐proofs, and high resolution Epson’s run to FOGRA standards.  Adhering to ISO12647 colour management targets, our Colour Manager matched the scatterproof for colour reproduction, and the Epson for content.

Using our new KBA 6 colour + coat  press for the CAPCO production enabled super‐fast make‐readies, while applying a neutral coat enabled us to back up the Review sections immediately.  Together, the fast make‐readies and coating reduced the time the designer was required to press pass to a single half day ‐ very  efficient considering the busy time of year for both ourselves and Black Sun.  Print production, folding and lamination were completed in‐house, while a member of the  production team supervised the thread‐sewing and binding.   A key requirement of the project was to complete production within five days in order to meet  the ‘no‐fail’ despatch date to the client’s overseas offices.


The Results

*Stunning annual report conveying the quality of the developments

*Vibrant captivating image reproduction retaining lots of detail

*Beautifully smooth tints throughout the critically important maps, floor plans and charts

*High colour consistency

*Clear white‐out type within a solid metallic background

*Accurate cross‐spine matchups

*Accurate folding and binding

*Produced within 5 days from the pass for press

*Quick press pass, all colour work passed in 4hr


This publication has been shortlisted in the PrintWeek Awards 2017

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“We received the advance copies yesterday afternoon, and I confirm that we are very happy with  them.  In particular the printing of black text on the light gold background…Thank you so much!” 

Ruth Pavey – Capital and Counties plc (CAPCO) 

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