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Bunzl 2016

Bunzl is a successful international distribution and outsourcing group operating in 29 countries across the Americas, Europe and Australasia with global headquarters in London, UK. 

The Annual Report, is used by Bunzl as a prime marketing tool to convey their strategy to  stakeholders.   Bunzl chose Conran for the design.

The Challenge

Bunzl are continually looking to refine and develop their processes and procedures to make their  operations more effective and efficient.  By doing so, they are able to gain a competitive advantage, by offering their customers more cost‐effective solutions, while at the same time improving their profitability.  Their approach to print was no different; Conran required a top quality annual report produced in a fast timescale.  We were required to produce the report within a very demanding 5 day schedule.

Our Solution

To ensure the images were vibrant and captivating, we created male/female artwork for the varnishes, so that a well registered high gloss varnish could be applied to the images, and a neutral sealer to the rest of the text.  This accentuated the varnish, with the effect of making the images jump from the pages.

Extensive proofing included on‐press machine scatter‐proofs, high resolution Epsons run to FOGRA standards and an Indigo book proof.  Conran’s print consultant passed on press the cover and first sections of the text.  To achieve high colour consistency, we then adhered to ISO12647 colour management targets and colour matched the rest of the sections to the sections passed by the consultant.

Print production and folding were completed in‐house while a member of our production team supervised the thread‐sewing and binding to ensure the accurate cross‐spine matchups.  A key requirement of the project was to complete production within 5 days in order to meet the ‘no‐fail’ despatch date to the client’s overseas offices.  This was an extremely fast schedule given the requirement for such a high gloss varnish.


The Results

*High impact annual report which effectively conveys Bunzl’s key messages

*Vibrant captivating image reproduction retaining lots of detail

*Effective use of high gloss male and neutral female varnishes to highlight images

*Beautifully smooth tints throughout

*High colour consistency across the four colour process and two special inks

*Accurate cross‐spine matchups: colour and position

*Accurate and well executed folding, thread sewing and binding

*Produced within 5 days from the pass for press


This publication has been shortlisted in the PrintWeek Awards 2017

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