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Boat Magazine Issue #12

Boat Magazine, designed by ‘She was Only’, is a nomadic travel and culture publication that  focuses on a different, inspiring location for each issue. 

Issue #12 of Boat Magazine is totally dedicated to the fascinating Faroe Islands.  We were first awarded the production of Boat’s printed journal in early 2015, in order to enhance the brand through a more differentiated and higher quality publication.

The Challenge

Issue #12 of Boat focusses on the Faroe Islands and gives an idea of what life and work is like on  the remote archipelago.  Boat wanted to create a vibrant, captivating product which brought across the power and essence  of the photography and travel experience.

Our Solution

We suggested using a mixture of coated and uncoated material to increase visual impact.  A 200# screen and profiles specially developed for each of the coated and uncoated materials, were used to achieve the very best production.  A soft touch laminate was used on the cover to give a smooth textured finish and a tactile lookand‐feel.  Proofs were supplied as hi‐res Epson proofs on uncoated paper for the cover and uncoated sections, and coated paper for the coated sections.    Adhering to ISO 12647‐2 (2013) colour standard, we accurately matched the signed‐off proofs while the customer passed the cover and first few sections on press.  Print production, folding, binding and lamination were all completed in‐house.

The Results

*Park's high quality production enabled the customer to achieve a creative, captivating magazine  within a tight budget and timetable

*Photography powerfully and accurately conveyed

*Interesting tactile and eye‐catching covers

*Good shade match between inner cover and the uncoated text, even though the cover and  text are printed on different materials

*Excellent lift and detail achieved on both the uncoated and coated text sections

*Smooth and consistent areas of solid colour

*Dense black and very good contrast on imagery

*Accurate folding and PUR binding


This publication has been shortlisted in the PrintWeek Awards 2017

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“We are THRILLED with this issue.  It looks amazing and the covers are gorgeous!  Thank you so much.  We're so, so happy!” 

Erin Spens, Editor – Boat Magazine  

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