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Beauty Papers

Beauty Papers is a London‐based independent magazine.  The bi‐annual is dedicated to exploring the culture of beauty and make up; arguing against pseudo‐glamour masquerading as beauty, the magazine aims to break down the notion that there is an ideal way that someone should look. 

Beauty Papers offers an in‐depth cultural analysis and meditation on beauty today.  A rejection of normative convention in favour of uniqueness and diversity.  With wit, intellect and curiosity, Beauty papers explores questions and challenges the world of beauty.

The Challenge

Beauty Papers is photography focussed with little text.  Park were chosen for the production because Beauty Papers sought a very high quality of image reproduction.  Issue 3 comprises 6 different front covers with a common text (five different covers and a limited edition run of 100 copies).  The limited edition cover needed to be special and a step away from the typical in‐your‐face full bleed images, more sophisticated and intriguing.


Our Solution

We suggested using a mixture of silk, gloss and an uncoated hybrid sheet to add interest and  tactility to the reading experience.  A 200# screen, specially developed for each of the coated and hybrid materials, together with specially developed plates profiles, were applied to gain the best reproduction.  White paper dummies were prepared using the suggested stocks, so that the customer  could see how each would work within the magazine.

Three rounds of machine scatterproofs were undertaken so that the customer could ensure that  the imagery reproduced exactly as they wished on the chosen stocks.  The limited edition cover was proofed in black and matt white foil to ensure that the desired  effect was achieved.  Final artwork was proofed using hi‐res Epson proofs on coated paper.

Adhering to ISO 12647‐2 (2013) colour standard, we accurately matched the signed‐off proofs while the customer passed on press.  The barcode on the limited edition cover was digitally printed using black ink on the cover material, and a subtle white matt foil was applied to the outer, to give a luxurious and intriguing  finish.  Print production, folding and binding were all completed in‐house.


The Results

*We proposed material, finishes, and by providing high quality production, enabled Beauty Papers to achieve a more creative, captivating, tactile product within a modest budget and timetable

*The power and essence of the photography was conveyed, and the detail and colour of the imagery accurately reproduced

*Exceptional lift and detail was achieved on the uncoated stock

*Areas of solid colour were smooth and consistent

*Blacks were dense and good contrast maintained throughout

*Folding and PUR binding were to a high standard


This publication has been shortlisted in the PrintWeek Awards 2017

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"It is a pleasure to work with a printer that understands the photography and the paper, and who works with enthusiasm to achieve the best possible results” 

Carolina Otero, Art Director – Beauty Papers 

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