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Beauty Papers: bespoke-printed photography magazine

METALLIC cover detail


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London-based indie mag Beauty Papers first partnered with Park for their fourth issue, and they haven’t looked back since.

Beauty Papers is predominantly a photography-focused title, with very little text. For issue seven, they wanted to try a new look, substituting uncoated stock with gloss.

Galerie Gloss was selected for its exceptional whiteness and eye-catching surface. For two sections of the magazine, Park proposed short pages and uncoated Edixion Offset stock, adding interest to the reader journey, and bringing tactile intrigue to the magazine’s high-end look and feel.

For the David Bowie cover, we carefully included metallic details, achieving a stunning reproduction without flattening the image – a skill shared by only a handful of printers.

“It’s a pleasure to work with a printer that understands the photography and the paper and who works with enthusiasm to achieve the best possible results.”

Carolina Otero, Art Director, Beauty Papers

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