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75B A Potted History of Pret

In 1986, Pret had a mission to create, handmade, natural food, avoiding the obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives common to so much of the ‘prepared’ and ‘fast’ food on the market today.

In the last 30 years, they’ve continued to grow cautiously. Today, they have over 350 Prets worldwide with shops in the UK, USA, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. They serve more than 300,000 customers every day, all of them looking to enjoy their fresh, healthy menu.


The challenge

75B is a collection of memories, rumours, quotes and pictures from the first 30 years of Pret. A celebration of their successes (and failures) for key stakeholders – the book is dedicated to Pret staff and customers past, present and future.

They wanted a result worthy of their success which reflected the dedication of their staff, high quality food and their use of natural ingredients. Park’s own high standards of production, customer care and Corporate Social Responsibility fitted with their ethos.


Our solution

We made suggestions on materials suitable for foiling but, proposed that they consider white-lining the casing board to reduce show-through to the grey board underneath. Park also proposed a selection of ribbons suitable for the head and tail bands.

We then prepared case-bound white paper dummies using three different cover casing materials, and three different coloured head/tail bands.

For each material a white-lined and an unlined dummy were prepared allowing the customer to decide whether to pay the extra cost of white lining.

We machine scatterproofed the images, enabling Park to choose the correct screen for the best reproduction, and the customer to check that the images reproduced on paper as they anticipated.

A fine 240# Sublima screen, specially developed for coated materials, was chosen to retain impact and detail within the imagery while keeping the highlights, low lights and tints smooth and even.

Plate profiles and hard drying inks, specially developed for each of the coated and uncoated stocks were used for the text and endpapers.

Proofs of final artwork were supplied as hi-res Epson proofs on coated paper for the text sections.

The sheets were printed to the ISO 12647-2 (2013) colour standard, accurately matching the signed-off Epsons for content and the scatterpoofs for colour, while the customer passed on press.

The customer initially requested the solid gold within the text to be coated with a matt varnish. This treatment proved to be incompatible with the Tatami paper and caused gas ghosting. To overcome this, but still achieve the matt feel, Park proposed that the sheets be coated with an ultra matt coat. The customer was delighted with the matt tactile feel and the timescales it was achieved in.

The foiling proved another production challenge. Draft artwork was supplied to the foiling house, for review prior to estimating and production.  When the job became live, the foiling house were unable to hold the block foil or the detail. Even with three separate passes the foil would not hold consistently. A number of different foils were tested but to no avail.

Under pressure of a deadline, Park had no alternative but to source an alternative foiling house who could achieve a good result in the timescales required. The foiling had to be carried out on made-up cases which significantly limited the number that could be considered. Using our knowledge of the skills and equipment of the small number of craft houses, another foiling house was chosen. A production manager from Park attended and worked with them testing different foils and pressures until a good reproduction and adherence was achieved.

Print production and folding were completed in-house, while a representative of Park supervised the finishers for the case binding.


The results

*A stunning book, delivering on the customer’s aspirations, delivered on time and to budget, despite technical challenges

*Park’s proactive proposals on the choice of materials and production methods, enabled the customer to achieve their aspirations for this very special project

*Accurate reproduction of the imagery with good colour consistency throughout

*Excellent lift and detail achieved within the imagery

*Smooth background tints

*An unusual tactility to the text pages

*Impactful large solid areas of foil combined with retention of fine detailed foiling of intricate text

*Accurate folding and case binding


This publication has been nominated for a Print, Design and Marketing Award for Hardbacked Books








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