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émergent: sustainably printed art magazine

100% RECYCLED ‘Cyclus’ stock

FINE LINEN cover emboss

FOLDED & BOUND in-house at Park


Translating fine art into print is always an interesting challenge; émergent magazine asked Park to go one better.

The publishers wanted the pages of their next edition to function ‘like the walls of a gallery’, and produce a finished product that stood out from other magazines.

Park responded with recycled ‘Cyclus’, an uncoated stock in natural off-white, providing an understated backdrop to the beautiful contemporary artwork inside.

On the cover, we added an elegant, tactile accent in the form of a fine linen emboss.

Despite being more expensive than other printers, émergent says we won the production of magazine by showing diligence and enthusiasm for the project.

Today, we continue to carry that same approach to every émergent edition: from initial consultation, right through to folding and binding, also completed in-house at Park.

“Perfect! Thanks a lot for your hard-work and dedication to our project. We’re amazingly happy with the result!”

Albert Riera Galceran – émergent

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