Sustainable printing tips: download our free guide

Sustainable printing tips: download our free guide

Some businesses view sustainability as a challenge. For anyone involved in print, it’s an opportunity.

Creative professionals revel in the countless new papers and creative options coming to market. Marketers and business leaders eye up the benefits of positioning their businesses as eco-friendly brands.

But ‘sustainable’ means different things from one business to the next. And sustainable printing is rarely a simple case of switching to a recycled stock.

Park published this guide to help brands, marketers and creative professionals navigate this complexity. Familiarize yourself with our rapidly changing industry, and discover the materials, processes and possibilities of sustainable print.

Alternatively, get in touch to request a hard copy of the guide, printed on two sustainable stocks. The cover is 100% recycled ‘Crush’ 250gsm, by Fenner Paper, containing 15% waste from corn maize production. The text stock is 100% recycled ‘Shiro Eco’ 120gsm, by Favini.

What’s in the sustainable printing guide?

1. The facts

Sustainable printing is widely misunderstood. A printer who uses recycled paper may not necessarily operate a green production line. Inks, supply chains,  energy suppliers and recycling processes all have an impact on the eco-friendliness of your production.

Use this guide to get clued up and ask the right questions of your printer.

2. Understanding sustainable printing materials

Recycled materials are available in a dizzying range of shades, textures and weights – great for flaunting your eco-credentials.

Learn about recycled papers, and recycled and recyclable plastics for large format productions.

3. Tricks of the trade

Discover alternatives to environmentally damaging options such as UV ink and other sustainable creative swaps.

Sustainable printing can also save on costs, by reducing shipping weight, or trialling paper sizes that reduce weight.

4. Get creative with sustainable print

Many creative options come with hidden green benefits. These include alternative covers, quirky novelty stocks, and even reusable packaging – a great way to be remembered, get added value from your print production.

Interested in sustainable printing?

Park is renowned as the UK’s leading sustainable printer. We’ve either won or been nominated in prestigious industry awards for our green credentials every year for the last eight years.

We’re also now proud to offer carbon-neutral printing in association with Climate Partner. Add QR codes to your production, so your audience can scan learn about the projects supported by your carbon credits.

carbon neutral print with QR code

Want to learn more about sustainable print?

Visit Park’s sustainable printing hub, or get in touch to find out more.



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