Sustainable Print Design: book & free PDF download

Sustainable Print Design is the first comprehensive guide to the materials and processes which make up a sustainable print production.

Available to purchase from magCulture as an 80pp, thread-sewn book printed on recycled paper, or download the free PDF below.

Download the free PDF, or scroll to read more about the book.

What’s inside the book?

The book covers topics such as misconceptions surrounding recycled paper, and how the widespread use of plastics in binding glues can be managed.

The content offers commentary on the implications that different choices have on cost and desired production values, and how to achieve your desired results in the most sustainable way possible.

Section 1: Sustainable print production

Learn about the key materials and processes to consider for a sustainable production, including binding, laminates/coatings, and finishes.

Section 2: Paper-only creative options

This section provides creative options to make your production stand out, without the need for additional plastic-based materials.

Section 3: Paper

Consider the vast range of paper options available, and the unique properties of each.   We outline the implications of different paper types, including virgin fibre vs recycled paper, cost, sustainability, and more.

Paper finder tool

The four-page throwout ‘Paper finder tool’ serves as a definitive reference point to help you discover the perfect paper for your project.

Visit our sustainable printing hub for more, and see our blog for print thought leadership and news.



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