Print Playbook 2022: marketing best practice for consumer brands

Print Playbook 2022: marketing best practice for consumer brands

Print presents an opportunity to connect with customers in ways that digital cannot – but after two decades of digitalisation, how best to incorporate print into a modern marketing strategy?

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What’s in the playbook?

This free playbook from Park draws on extensive research and multiple print case studies from brands in fashion, luxury, retail, direct-to-consumer and more.

Investigating some of the highest-profile successes and failures – as well as many that were more under-the-radar – we hope to help others take an informed approach, and establish the optimal use of print marketing for their business.

1. Print x Digital: Print’s role in the modern marketing mix

Learn how and why print is of unique value in a digital marketing ecosystem. We investigate the brands getting it right, so that you can too.

2. A question of values: what’s the right formula for your print production?

Brand magazines have come from some surprising quarters; other businesses may have greater success with direct mail.

This section delves into how production values and formats may differ depending on your business, so that you can find your own winning formula.

3. QR codes and augmented reality: when to use print-to-online technology

QR codes are becoming increasingly widespread in print, and they confer a number of specific benefits to both readers and businesses.

Discover what constitutes best practice in the use of print-to-online technologies – whether you’re seeking to collect customer data, measure ROI or drive transactions from printed comms.

4. How to run an effective print campaign: start with customer insight, obsess over customer value

Success in print marketing starts with customer data and depends on delivering excellent customer value.

This section shows how different commercial models and price-points lend themselves more naturally to different  approaches, and sets out primary the considerations for running a successful campaign.

Sustainably printed lookbooks & brand  magazines

Park’s portfolio includes lookbooks and brand magazines for the likes of Burberry & Farfetch, Sahara, Gucci, Creed perfumes and more.

With our unrivalled range of printing services under one roof, we allow brands to switch seamlessly between lithographic printing for stunning product imagery, and digital printing, which enables print personalization.

Take advantage of our in-house reprographics team to ensure your product photography reproduces at its finest, and depend on the UK’s leading sustainable printer to help you choose the right formula for a planet-friendly production.

Learn more about Park’s work with consumer & luxury brands here.



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