EMMA Magazine: tackling homelessness and mental health

EMMA Magazine: tackling homelessness and mental health

Park is delighted to support EMMA: an edgy, enigmatic and intriguing magazine, tackling homelessness and mental health issues.

EMMA showcases artwork made by residents of Arlington, the largest mixed use homeless hostel in the UK, who help people to move on to secure homes and more stable futures.

“I am immensely grateful to Park Communications for its generosity, care and beautiful print quality. Park’s care has turned our ramshackle project into a glorious publication that can justly reflect the efforts of those involved.”

Brian Baderman, Founder of EMMA

Each issue is a platform for artwork, illustrations, articles and poems that bravely explore a range of difficult experiences related to being homeless.

Much of the artwork featured in EMMA is produced in The Creative Space, at the weekly creative workshops at Arlington. It isn’t created with a certain audience in mind or to fit with a brand message, it’s pure creativity as an emotional outlet.


Its punk ethic provides a platform for unmediated voices, while conventional magazines, online journals etc. are associated with highly crafted journalism, adorned with professional photography, illustration and design, EMMA does things differently!

Residents can express themselves and experience the healing qualities of creativity. The art therapy improves morale, increases self-image, and by creating a magazine to showcase their work, residents get a feeling of self-worth.

“People in this position, where they have no money and are often estranged from their families, are very isolated. People who are invisible appreciate the opportunity to be visible again.”

Brian Baderman, Founder of EMMA


EMMA aims to erode the stigma surrounding mental health, help restore the dignity, self-esteem and the motivation of those who are homeless through enabling creative expression and ultimately by providing a provocative intriguing read.

The original magazine, issues 1-7 were photocopied, stapled together and distributed to homeless shelters.

In an effort to raise EMMA’s profile and spread the message to a wider audience, Brian edits the free magazine on a voluntary basis, working with design agency KK OUTLET.

“This magazine – in a modest way – grants people visibility and recognition, and is already functioning as a catalyst for positive change.”




All production elements of issues 8-10 have been donated by Park, with paper supplied by Ebbs. Our efforts don’t stop there, we want to help spread the word, get the message out to as many people as possible.

“We were delighted to produce such an important life-changing project. We hope the new issues of the magazine can help reach a wider audience and make even more of an impact for the people involved. We have been working with Brian, trying to put him in contact with some of our associates to help advance the message. We want to say well done and good luck to all of those involved.”

Alison Branch, Managing Director at Park Communications

To thank Park for our contribution, Brain Baderman came to visit with a very special gift, one of the original artworks from the magazine!


Brian is looking to raise EMMA’s profile, gain the support he needs to produce the magazine, and is currently looking for help with distribution.

Please share the news, and help us raise awareness of this important project.

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