Elephant poo & wildflower seeds: recycled paper at Frogmore Mill

Elephant poo & wildflower seeds: recycled paper at Frogmore Mill

Both the oldest and one of the most forward-thinking mills in the country, Frogmore Paper Mill is constantly innovating around sustainable paper production.

Park spoke to Elena Lewendon, CEO of the historic mill, about the ways in which Frogmore is working to develop its pioneering, sustainably made papers.

Frogmore has been recycling paper since 1895. At the time, the only reason for recycling paper was to cut costs and avoid waste.

Today, however, the climate crisis is creating a desire in brands and consumers alike to focus their interests on those companies with corresponding sustainable values. Frogmore’s uniquely made sustainable papers are an appealing option for those brands wishing to use recycled papers to add value to their offering and truly differentiate their brand.

Frogmore’s specialist inclusion papers

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Summer’s blossom

Each of Frogmore’s papers has a unique story, made from a range of innovative materials such as blossom, denim, straw, and UK native wildflower seeds.

One of their most unusual papers which Elena described is Red Panda Poo paper, which has been trialled and refined over many years of working with experts from zoos and safari parks.

Likewise, Frogmore has experimented with using the droppings of increasingly rare and unusual creatures, including reindeer, rhinos, and wombats. Ellie Poo – courtesy of a steady supply of raw material from Longleat Safari Park – remains one of their most popular products.

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Ellie Poo

As Elena described the wide range of companies which come to Frogmore for their papers, it became clear that artisan papers – traditionally popular among the greeting card and stationary industries – are increasingly being used by brands. Elena explains that they choose Frogmore for its core values of sustainability, preservation and education.

“The companies we work with choose us based on the quality product, made by our second-generation artisanal papermaker, whose knowledge, skill and experience cannot be found elsewhere.”

The names in their client base are testament to the quality of Frogmore’s products. Elena speaks of working with brands such as Liz Earle, Campfire Gin, Longleat Safari Park, and The All England Lawn Tennis Club (more commonly known as Wimbledon).

Recycled paper for sustainable brand marketing

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This flexibility around innovation is facilitated by a machine from 1902, the Fourdrinier Pilot Machine, which was designed for experimentation and research. This allows Frogmore to run trials and incorporate these unusual inclusions into their products. Elena highlights how each of their speciality inclusion papers is created “slowly and carefully, resulting in a fantastic, unique paper at the end of the process.”

It also allows for the production of some interesting bespoke orders. One major sustainable cosmetics brand commissioned the creation of a paper made from the bark of banana trees and takes regular orders for their product packaging. This material regrows on living trees – drastically reducing the water, energy, land and fertilizer required to produce each tonne.

Frogmore is continuing to develop their sustainable materials, as well as promoting recycling and sustainability to all their visitors. Their mission, as Elena neatly sums it up, is to “inspire and educate the public of all ages and abilities in the art and science of papermaking and the circular economy of recycling.”

As explained in our Print Playbook 2022 – a print marketing guide for consumer brands – Park has long advised brands that their choices of paper are an excellent way to convey their sustainable values. Recycled materials are widely used in product packaging – a high-visibility brand touchpoint.

These materials are considered an investment; Frogmore’s more interesting stocks are priced in-line with luxury papers such as G.F. Smith’s flagship materials. Considering that they are handmade in a small mill, however, it seems an effective way to build additional brand value into your printed comms.

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Learn more about Frogmore’s work or donate to the charity on their website

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