COP26: time to reflect for sustainable businesses

COP26: time to reflect for sustainable businesses

This week, world leaders and climate change experts are gathering in Glasgow for the COP26 summit, working to set climate targets and discuss the future of global sustainability.

This spotlighting of climate issues by world leaders serves as a welcome opportunity for us, as business leaders, to reflect on our own practices.

As the UK’s leading sustainable printer, Park collaborates with its clients to ensure that their eco-values and objectives are met and reflected in their productions. We proactively publish resources, guides and thought leadership to educate and advise on the possibilities of sustainable print, and motivate businesses and creative professionals to pursue sustainable practice, whether or not that’s with Park.

Here is a list of our recent publications and related services, which we hope will help you in your next sustainable print production.

White paper: Sustainable print for sustainable business

Sustainable printing report 2020

In Park’s 15 years as one of the UK’s leading environmental printers, interest in sustainable printing has grown from a trickle to a flood. Still, misconceptions abound.

This report sets out the business case for sustainable print, explains sustainable materials and busts myths, and explains how to quiz your printer to achieve a sustainable production.

Click here to download the whitepaper.

Carbon neutral printing with ClimatePartner

Case Study Slider

Buying carbon offsets is relatively simple in the printing industry, but ClimatePartner adds a consumer-engagement dimension.

ClimatePartner allows you to choose from dozens of different environmental initiatives worldwide, for your carbon offsets to support. The package includes a QR code at no extra cost, to be added to your production so that readers can scan and see how your carbon budget was spent.

Park investigates: sustainably printed annual report & accounts

9 sustainably-printed annual reports, reviewed by Park

Annual reports & accounts are a great opportunity for a business to showcase its sustainable values.

Our investigation into a range of annual reports showcases model examples of sustainably produced annual reports, and also discusses how they could be improved.

Topics covered include the use of recycled materials, different binding options, and different methods of protecting the reports using biodegradable laminates.

Park investigates: sustainably-printed indie magazines

10 indie magazines tackling sustainability

With over 130 titles to our name, Park is proud to be the UK’s leading printer of independent magazines.

These types of indie publications are often at the forefront of changing social mindsets, and therefore regard their values and principles very highly.

We compiled this round-up of magazines tackling sustainability, and how they are reflecting this in their print productions.

Sustainable printing tips: download the free guide

Sustainable printing tips: download our free guide

Sustainable printing is a fast-evolving part of our industry. With wide-ranging potential but also an array of choices to be made, it can appear bewildering to the uninitiated.

This guide will provide your company with the information needed to understand the materials and processes that go into a sustainable production,  so you can choose the right formula for your production and your business goals.

What do you mean, sustainable printing?

What do you mean, ‘sustainable printing’?

Sustainability has become a boardroom buzzword – and like many buzzwords, it belies the extent of its implications.

Different businesses may have varying goals when it comes to sustainability, whether it is their carbon footprint, reducing landfill or recycling.

This page covers the basics surrounding different industry certifications and what to ask of your printer. Considerations may involve a printer’s recycling services, waste disposal equipment, ink composition, chemical usage and energy suppliers.

This information should help you arrive at the right sustainable formula for your production, based on your own budget and priorities.

It’s Nice That on Park’s sustainable printing


One of our more high-profile productions, for US creative agency Watson & Company, was one of the first to use GF Smith’s ‘Extract’, a material made from used coffee cups. This attracted media attention including a story in It’s Nice That, which was read over 2,000 times in its first month live.

It’s Nice That interviewed Park’s Alison Branch for the article, which places Watson’s decision, to print sustainably, in the context of their business’s eco-objectives and provide useful guidance for other businesses planning to do the same.

Learn more about sustainable printing with Park

As a many-time winner of the PrintWeek Environmental Printer of the Year Award, Park is a proud collaborator of many businesses and publishers seeking to up their environmental performance through sustainable print.

We’re ISO 14001 certified, and we also work to EMAS, the EU ‘gold standard’ for eco-friendly businesses.

Ask us about our sustainable printing processes, from chemicals usage, to waste reduction, to carbon reduction across the entire supply chain.

Visit our sustainable printing page to find out more.



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