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Journal Safar: magazine printing in two languages

2 LANGUAGESEnglish & Arabic
BEIRUTbased client
EDIXIONuncoated stock

Whilst Park loves to host clients at our London site, this magazine is great example of the possibilities of working from distance.

Journal Safar, published by Beirut creative agency Studio Safar, celebrates visual and design culture across the Middle East. They usually print closer to home, but for Issue V, they required a UK printer for a collaboration with Stack Magazines.

Park’s experience in magazines, and our reputation for quality, made us a safe bet for a production in which proofs would be signed off remotely, and the printed magazines shipped to Beirut, and to UK distributors, by our fulfilment team.

The mag derives a strong visual identity from a bold use of colour, including whole pages of coloured text set against vibrant backroads. Printed on Edixion Offset, an uncoated stock, these bright colours remain easy on the eye, and lend middle-eastern accent to Safar’s classic indie vibes.

Journal Safar was thread-sewn in-house by Park.

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