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Innovative printing of Immortal

Innovative printing of Immortal

London based experimental photographers Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones asked Park to produce 'Immortal', their latest, and perhaps most ambitious, personal project.

The work consists of photographic and lithographic prints presented in a limited edition boxset with a choice of 4 colours, including 20 fold outs, a booklet and two posters.

For each of Immortal's 29 different image sets, Park created a printing ecosystem involving seven-colour printing onto iridescent stocks.  For many of the shots we used specially formulated high-pigment inks and stochastic screening.  Each image required specific profiles, multi-screening technologies and special inks and coatings designed , image by image in-house at Park.

Some of the techniques we used to print Immortal have never been used before.  I've never worked on, or even seen, a project that included as many diverse or experimental production and printing processes.  We managed to devise a seven-colour process, including colours we specially invented for this project - It gave the prints more depth than I've ever seen before.

Steve Ilott, Park Communications Ltd.

With seven-colour printing onto iridescent stocks utilising specially-formulated high-pigment inks and stochastic screening, it’s a hymn to the printer’s art.
Creative Review

The experimental photographers call their work “the de-familiarisation of surrealism”. In Immortal, their beautifully produced new series of photobooks, the pair explore this idea with portraits of the human form shot with a dizzying intensity of colour and lights, as if a fever dream had been rendered on paper.

Mick Moore - British Journal of Photography

The final result was a “knock out”. The luminosity, detail, depth and hue of the colour of the original images were captured on prints that seem, quite genuinely, to stand between photography and fine art – as tangible as it is surreal.

Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones

The British Journal of Photography covered the printing of Warren and Nick's Immortal in their June issue.

For a more detailed case study see 'Our Work'.

In addition, this publication won a Print, Design and Marketing Award for Creative use of Substrates.