Digital printing: Park acquires HP B2 digital press

Digital printing: Park acquires HP B2 digital press

Park is pleased to announce our recent purchase of a new HP B2 digital press, which was installed this February.

With all the latest features, including high definition printing heads, this new acquisition marks continued growth and expansion at Park’s London facility, where an increasing range of services is being brought under one roof in order to achieve and deliver a more efficient and sustainable service.

With the ability to print B2 size paper, the new machine can handle double the sheet size of our existing HP Indigo B3 press, and allows us to deliver products such as six-page covers and thread-sewn projects with greater efficiency.

This increased digital capacity leaves Park optimally placed to take on short-run, high-pagination projects, and gives us greater flexibility to work between lithographic and digital printing, and to easily accommodate projects at short notice. The ability to start productions on a digital press makes for reduced printing time as there is less set up required; there are no plates to be created, and less time needed for make readies to ensure the job is running correctly.

Thanks to this new press, most projects will be as cost effective as lithographic printing for up to 500 copies, as opposed to our previous, smaller press which is only cost effective against litho on projects up to 300 copies.

As the UK leading sustainable printer, we expect our new digital capacity to please clients who will welcome the reduced wastage that digital enables, compared to lithographic printing.

The digital press will extend Park’s capabilities with print personalization, including the use of personalised QR codes, since the digital press enables custom copies to be printed based on the client’s customer data.

FARFETCH & Burberry: digitally printed fashion lookbook

One of Park’s latest digital productions was A Farflung Escape, published by Burberry and FARFETCH, a retailer, to celebrate the launch of a new range of Burberry’s iconic gabardine coats.

The production included an augmented reality feature, whereby users can scan to see the product in 3D. Click here to read more about the production.

fashion magazine qr code

Learn more about digital printing with Park

Park offers digital printing alongside litho printing, under one roof at our London facility. This allows clients to choose exactly the right services for their business objectives and desired production values.

Click here to learn more about digital printing with Park, and click here to read our guide to the effective use of QR codes & augmented reality in print marketing.



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