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Make a Mark: sustainable book printing

Thread sewn and case-boundbook printing
Foiled and debossedcovers

The creators of the Make a Mark Project wanted to bottle up the best in packaging design in a sustainably-printed book.

The Project was a collaboration between industry heavyweights such as Avery Dennison labels, Estal customised bottles and Kurz foils. They invited design agencies from around the world to try out new materials and explore new ideas around bottle and label design – all with careful consideration for sustainability.

The book was to be a celebration of the designers’ efforts. Park responded with a suitably special production. Decorated with foiled and debossed covers for added texture, the production was modern and minimalist yet striking.

Only vegetable-based inks were used, and the production was FSC chain of custody accredited, signifying that all the materials used were responsibly sourced.

Everyone involved was delighted with the outcome of the first edition, and Park is looking forward to producing the next one.

The project will continue to invite top designers as well as up-and-coming talents to participate, and there are plans in place for another book to be produced annually for the next three years.

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