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Limbo magazine: helping creatives through the pandemic

GLOSS FOILmasthead
4-DAYproduction schedule
PRESS-PASSEDsocially distanced
4alternative covers

Nick Chapin and David Lane, the creative brains behind Frieze Magazine and The Gourmand, approached Park for a special project.

Limbo Magazine was to be a one-off, not-for-profit venture to support unemployed artists and creatives during Covid-19.

Park consulted with the publishers on how to achieve the highest-possible production values, whilst controlling costs. For their chosen oversize 325 x 230mm dimensions, we recommended ‘Essential Velvet’, a high-bulking stock which produces a quality feel, whilst keeping postage weight down.

When placed together, the four alternative covers form a single image – a bonus for true collectors – and a gloss foil was applied to the masthead for an eye-catching finishing touch.

Having continued printing safely during Covid-19, we hosted the client for a socially-distanced press pass on the cover and opening sections, leaving Park to sign off the rest.

The production was completed in only 4 days from sign off the proofs – wasting not a moment to return much-needed income to the artists and designers to helped make Limbo a reality.

You can purchase Limbo from magCulture.  100% of your purchase goes straight to the creatives who contributed to the magazine.

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Client testimonial

"Park's love for independent magazines and extensive knowledge of printing options made all the difference for us. I’ve never worked with a supplier who took such care with the production process. Attention to detail was incredible, and the team was patient and helpful. Every time we ran into difficulty, they came up with a solution. Making magazines is hard work, and having people like this on your side can be the difference between success and failure."

Nick Chapin, Publisher, Limbo Magazine


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