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Creed: luxury brand magazine in three languages

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Luxury BrandMagazine

This production was a collaboration with Fontaine Group and their creative director and designer Victoria Gaiger, who made the initial enquiry for Creed’s first issue.

The client was both curious and budget-conscious, hoping to achieve similar production values to popular magazines in the Park portfolio, such as i-D, Kinfolk and Port.

Over an 8-week consultation process, we worked closely with the client, discussing various options: recycled paper vs. FSC-certified virgin fibre, different weights of text stock, and the choice between printing in unusual sizes, or in cost-effective 16-page sections at 240 x 170mm.

Eventually, the client settled on UPM fine offset paper, which is uncoated with a high brightness, allowing them to achieve their desired aesthetics and feel. After looking at a range of dummies in different sizes, they also chose to use a 274 x 210mm page size, as this was the best fit for their imagery and budget.

The magazine required translation into French, German and Spanish, which Park managed on their behalf.

The client was delighted with how our translation captured the brand’s luxury values, and plan to add a Chinese edition to their magazine. They are also continuing to use Park to translate other projects.

Victoria was so pleased with Creed that Park has since printed her own publications, Rakes Progress and Rakes Sense.

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